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Things have changed so much with the affiliate marketing game especially SEO in 2012. It's good to brush up on your skills to get streams of income earning more. My Friend Aidan Booth has just released a limited offer to coach students, beginners to advanced with what's working today. I put together a few videos on this page that cover what you get.

I decided to go into this course as a student and build a site just using his tactics, I want to see the type of results I can get if I put my knowledge aside and start fresh. Will be a cool case study
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For those considering getting Seo Link Monster check out my no bull walk through of what you have to go through to gain access to seo link monster
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I really feel this is an Amazing Coaching Program Aidan has put together in his Authority Hybrid Coarse.
Authority Hybrid by Aidan Booth, Full Exclusive Authority Hybrid Review from Mario Soto Jr. Inside-peek into Authority Hybrid. Authority Hybrid Bonus
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Kindle, apps, kindle apps Kindle ACK! It's like that's all people have been talking about lately. I can understand your frustration, The best advice I can give you start out with something anything first and follow thru with it. You can be pulled six ways to Sunday with all the shiny objects happening right now. There is a couple of things

I'm really good at that's building sites, getting them to rank and make them start making money withing a short period of time.

And I'm really good at helping local companies get rankings and traffic.

I love social media sites like this Google+ and Facebook, but it's an uphill battle to really make money on them. Sure you can run ppc campaigns but you need to willing to have a loss leader in your books before you make an income simple as that.

So two phases of my business are simple build my kindle empire, which I already started and build a few free apps for both apple and android markets.

But I'm only one man sure I can do both projects at once but I rather have one project pay for another :) So I'm doing the kindle empire first and at mid year I'll jump into the android and apple apps market with earnings from my kindles.

This is how you build a good business quickly by not using your own money, but using your own earnings from other projects to fun others.

Now recently James J Jones has released kindle triangulation and it's a freaking steal, I want you to read my review on my blog about it :)
Kindle Triangulation Review: Find out if I feel this is worth your time and effort in this Full review of Kindle Triangulation. Plus An Insane Bonus offer that you'll regret not having.
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Well they are being good to make it obvious that the link is shared by a friend in your circle. So the only way this can adversely affect as a marketer is if they are circle fiends lol.. But people that use google+ are more tech savvy or market savvy. So Old school SEO is not dead just evolving.
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