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I'm sore. I would like to tell you that I'm sore because I saved a nun from a pack of Nazi biker-gang rapists, or that I repelled from the Eiffel Tower on a rope I wove from 8lb-test fishing line and the hair of a red-headed supermodel to drop-kick a terrorist who was about to nuke Paris, or that I'm training for a triathlon, a marathon and a battle royale (all to be held on the same day), but in truth, I have to accept the fact that age is starting to set in -- I'm sore from bowling. From bowling. This is not a good thing.
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If you do it right, bowling is quite a workout. Just never let go of the ball once it comes back up the chute and it's like lifting weights.
You are most likely using muscles and moving in a way that is not natural or something you do not do often! At least, that's what I tell myself after I bowl!! hehe...
presumably you were using your heads of your enemies as bowling balls.
I hear the soreness goes away if you keep practicing.
I hear consuming the still beating heart of your enemy is a good way to cure soreness.
Maybe you should've stuck to "repelling"....
dude, Bowling moves joints in ways that don't often get moved. Bowling can make even fit people sore! So dont despair Fearless Leader, just bowl more :)
Just in case you decide to use the analogy in a book, it's "rappelling." Unless you're valiantly keeping pirates from boarding your ship.
I get you! I hurt my back last weekend by picking up a bag--a bag that was in no way a heavy load. Getting old is for the birds!
Bowling balls are just kettle bells with lousy handles.
see? now you are all hurt. You could have spent that time masturbating but NOOoooo. You had to go bowling...
Would have filmed that nun getting raped by nazis, had sex with the red head super model Then pushed her off the Eiffel Tower, Killed the terrorist then pushed the button for the nuke myself, and finally to tell +Scott Sigler a little exercise will keep the soreness away.
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