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I was researching how to create more realistic female characters for modern-day thriller fiction, and came across this (I missed the story when it came out in May). Jeannie Leavitt sounds like an awesome person.
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Having actually served on a ship I can say:
Really not going to miss trying to piss into a urinal while the ship is rocking. 

And they're not replacing them with bidets, they're replacing them with toilets. As the article notes later, there's actually some pretty good reasons to dispense with urinals including the issue of supply and repair. 
Nice that Scott thinks this this makes USlessA Number One… 'It's not the greatest country in the world.'  We're 7th in literacy, 27th  in math, 22nd  in science, 49th  in life expectancy, 178th  in infant mortality, third in median household income, No. 4 in labor force, and No. 4 in exports.

So Marylou-Bob sets a record of Who-gives-a-Shit: First female fighter pilot becomes first female wing commander.  So What?  Does she fix any of our REAL Problems?
+Lawrence Bujak Well, you've shown your opinion and pissed all over a great story, happy? You ask who cares? I care. The first female combat pilot becomes the first female wing commander, in an armed foces that has not allowed women into combat roles for centuries. It's a step forward in opportunities for young women who choose to serve their country in this fashion. It's a touchstone for young women who want to pursue their dreams and not be denied opportunities because of their gender. 

If you "don't give a shit," then why are you posting non-sequitur comments that have nothing to do with the story? If this doesn't float your boat, then walk away.
Because:  It’s called Freedom of Speech – Ever hear of it?  It comes right before your right to carry an AK-47 into.. anyplace.
I hereby call +Wil Wheaton's "Don't Be A Dick" law into effect, and exercise my right to block someone who is being a dick. 
Oh that's gorgeous, he's completely vanished from my streams. 
+Ando Muneno It was very strange. But I've had times where I've misinterpreted something and come out swinging. Wheaton's Law works wonders. Life is too short to have internet arguments where neither side is going to budge (or to participate in an argument that doesn't exist, in this case). 
Anyways, I liked your post. Pilots are awesome although I've been told fighter pilots tend to be just a little type A. 

I mostly worked with mine clearing helo pilots. They were much cooler and pretty nice for being officers. 
All pilots are type A, yours truly included; most military pilots tend to be A+.
Yeah I guess if you want the responsibility of flying something you probably aren't one to say, "Hm... well maybe we should form a committee to talk this out."  
+Ando Muneno That's correct. On the other hand, a crew resource management -driven modern flight deck can be a challenge when you have two, sometimes three equally strong members wanting to be in control. It takes a strong yet a patient Captain/Commander to keep the aircraft under his/her total control, while simultaneously not shutting down communication and interaction between crew.

Wait, I may have been describing Apple Inc. here...
Scott, you continue to rock, sir. Thanks for your support, and for invoking Will's Law. I needed to remain silent on several of the early responses in this thread...
I think he meant to say "Highest in the developed world." Which, though more accurate, doesn't make it any less nonsensical. 
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