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Awww yeah, THE REPORTER by me and 2012 John W. Campbell Award finalist +Mur Lafferty is now available for Kindle. If you finished or are listening to THE ALL-PRO and can't wait for THE MVP to hit in September, this 255-page novella GFL will cure your shakes for now. Snag it and leave us a review -- leaving a review mean you are one of the sexy people!
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Sweet. What's the status on an audio version?
Fair enough. Title Fight was a blast to listen to, but if push comes to shove, I want to hear the main story line first.
I just bought mine! Woot! More from Pope Siglaricus! Once I'm done with Bones Are White I'm planning on tucking into a health morsel of The Reporter!
Title Fight was GREAT! Hmmmm, since you are covered up putting out new stank, think you could get Mur to read the reporter? Perhaps as paid only content?
Picked it up! I second Murr reading, if possible >.> I'm OK with it being a paid version, too :p
Purchased. Can't wait to read it.
Err, did the price go down a dollar? O.o

Not complaining, just a little confused.
No worries, Shamakath, just making sure I'm not completely crazy. :)
On the other side, I now know that Amazon doesn't price match stuff @.@ #offtopic
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