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Scott Sigler
Fiction author and psychotherapist to antagonists everywhere.
Fiction author and psychotherapist to antagonists everywhere.

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PANDEMIC Episode #39 is up — the penultimate episode! It all ends next week with Episode 40. Chicago has become a landscape of slaughter, can Cooper, Dr. Feely and Clarence Otto make it out alive?

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No. 1 New York Times bestseller ALIVE is on sale for $1.99 on Amazon Kindle and iBooks (US only). Grab it while you can. It's Book One of the Generations Trilogy. If you're a fan of my Galactic Football League series, you want to read the Generations Trilogy before GFL Book VI comes out (hopefully in mid-2018, but no promises, you bloodthirsty animals)

If you've read ALIVE and dig it, share this post!

#Kindle #eBooks #Scifi

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Only five episodes left in this free serial audiobook, the conclusion to the Infected Trilogy.

Tim, Cooper, Paulius, Cooper and Margaret survived the Battle of Chicago, but their ordeal isn’t over yet. Now Paulius and Tim will present Clarence with an impossible decision. Murray Longworth remains in the White House, in a Washington D.C. that is under siege by the converted and about to fall. Meanwhile, Steve Stanton deals with the fallout of that same battle — his slim victory and a pending air strike leaves him with hard choices.

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PANDEMIC Episode 35
Margaret Montoya’s attempts to escape have failed. Now one of the converted, Clarence Otto ponders how to save her while Tim Feely has other plans for his former boss. Paulius Klimas is boots on the ground, watching his men die around him. Is there a way to accomplish the mission and keep what’s left of his SEAL Team alive?

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EPISODE 32 of PANDEMIC: A free serial horror novel:

Margaret Montoya has a new set of enemies, enemies that are heavily armed and ready to kill. Can she escape their clutches and find her way to safety? Cooper Mitchell also has enemies, thousands of them. He’s been playing a desperate, dangerous game of survival, but is his rescue finally at hand? The US Military is gearing up for a major engagement against Steve Stanton’s converted, and the Windy City is about to become a killing ground.

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I'm off to Europe for a book tour! I hope you can make it out to see me in London, Paris, Berlin Leipzig or Dublin. We've planned the Paris and Leipzig book fairs, as well as fun fan gatherings so we can have a nice chat with the fans. No idea if I will be back to Europe, so if you can make it, this is the time!

LONDON: Friday, March 17 @7:00pm:
Shaws Booksellers
31-34 ST Andrews Hill, London EC4V 5DE

LONDON: Saturday, March 18 @4:00pm:
The Centre Page
29-33 Knightrider Street, London EC4V 5BH

PARIS: Monday, March 20 @7:00pm:
The Highlander
8 rue de Nevers 75006, Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, 6ème

PARIS: Friday, March 24 @1:30pm-2:30pm
Paris Book Fair • Lumen booth
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris

LEIPZIG: Saturday, March 25 @4:00pm
Leipzig Book Fair • Publisher Festa Verlag
Halle 3, Stand D210 (Hall 3, Location D210)

BERLIN: Sunday, March 26 @4:00pm:
Alt-Berliner Wirsthaus
Wilhelmstr. 77 10117, Berlin Germany Mitte

DUBLIN: Wednesday, March 29 @6:00pm:
The Cobblestone
77 North King Street Smithfield, Dublin 7, Smithfield

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In this week's StorySmack, AB Kovacs and I can't seem to figure out the maths. We mistakenly thought the Russell Crowe GLADIATOR was 25 years old, so we got all sentimental about this classic sword-and-sandals flick. Problem is, it's only 17 years old, which we didn't figure out until after we recorded (the Cuba Gooding Jr. GLADIATOR is 25 years old, so we were either confused about that or its time to lay off the meth). Still, the Crowe version is awesome, so join us for a chit-chat.

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Nightmare fuel, with a minute-by-minute breakdown of your probable reaction:
0:04: Yeah, bro, whatever. Not impressed.
0:08: Uh ...
0:28: If a spider had wheels ...
0:36 "And a 5 from the Russians."
0:46: So much for defending with obstacles ...
0:56: In other words, close to the weight of a human corpse ...
1:09: Nope.
1:20: I mean, I'd probably fall down on that.
1:25: Oh, fuck me.

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Hint: My bookstore strategy never works: "Author Scott Sigler on his early writing & bookstore shopping" via @YouTube

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The ALONE audiobook is now available for pre-order from Audible. It's not up at iTunes just yet, but we'll post when it is. Get some. The full list of pre-order links, including Amazon and autographed hardcovers, is at
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