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Victoria Khinevich
Mom, traveller, blogger, photographer
Mom, traveller, blogger, photographer

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My new perfect notebook. The pages are certainly yellowish, since there's no perfect notebook with white pages:) 

I'm almost done with my first Coursera course on English writing. Feel a bit excited about final assignment and turn to procrastination instead:) 

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Paphos zoo
The zoo in Paphos is the only one I've seen so far with an animal show. And it was so amazing, that I still remember that with excitement. This zoo is also so different from the Moscow zoo. Thanks to the climate a lot of animals can be kept in open aviaries...

Сегодня была на удивительный выставке в здании Политехнического Музея на ВДНХ. Море впечатлений. Никогда не думала, что у нас так могут: легко, открыто, доступно, и все можно потрогать!
Ссылка в комментарии. (почему-то не постит по другому)

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Traditional crafts festival. A quick glance at Cyprus culture.
Every year in October, a village in Larnaca district of Cyprus hosts a festival of traditonal women's crafts. Each year it's a different village and in 2014 it was Kalavassos, the village right across the highway from Maroni, where we stayed. So we took thi...

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В выходные ходили на фестиваль английской культуры в парк Сокольники. Пришли рано, так что в полную силу работал только маркет. Но тоже интересно:)

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Discovering Belarus. Mir Castle.
It's amazing how easy we can underestimate some things. For example I never though of Belarus as of a great place for sightseeing and I was terribly wrong. The last time we visited our relatives there, we took a day off family re-union and went to the Mir c...

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Really simple and useful tricks for all traveling photographers and photographing travelers:)
Hey, just saw that my article, "5 Tips for Taking Awesome Summer Travel Photos" is trending over at CocaCola. If you haven't checked it out yet, here's the link:

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This weekend we visited Vologda. The city is very nice, in a bit poor condition in some places, but very authentic and with a unique and beautiful arcitectute. The latter left us puzzled: couldn't find a reason why there is so many houses in a wild west-ish style. Overall, I'm pleased and would really like ti come back as there are some musiums we failed to visit such as the museum of forgotten things and Peter the great museum. The monument to the O letter and to the first electric street light are so cool (see pictures). 
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