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+Richard Smith and +Faisal Vali Are amazing and have completed the language support for the proposed (not yet standardized) C++1y (hoped to be C++14) in 2013:

Also, +Marshall Clow and +Howard Hinnant have gotten C++1y done in libc++ as well!

This means that the LLVM project has a complete C++1y implementation, language and library, in 2013! This is great news, and a fantastic step for C++. We're actively implementing the proposed standard before it is voted on, letting us standardize the language with high confidence that we can ship production quality C++1y toolchains and in turn applications.

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This has been up and down the Interwebs and shared by a fair few people on here but if you've not seen this yet, prepare to have a tear in your eye.

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This is amazing. Hats off to Coke Zero, totally inspired idea.
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