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Why you (Yes, you) should apply for the AiC Award.
This last fall, I had the chance to apply for something called the National Center for Women in Technology's Aspirations in Computing Award.  I learned about it at the National Girl Scouting Convention last year, while wandering around the convention floor ...

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Make your own Light up Shoes
Here's another good project for kids (or anyone, really) starting to learn about making with electricity. It's a good step up from the previous project I posted here, the Lightbulb Bauble. This project uses most of the same parts, but it's a step up in comp...

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I don't really see how this is different from any other neural network. Can someone enlighten me?

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My Makerspace is trying to get a 3D printer, and they're on the last 30 days of their funding. Any help would be appreciated!

Just got the email from beta. Now I have ANOTHER social media site to waste all my time on!

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Robot-related deaths are rare, and becoming rarer. "The killing of a technician by an industrial robot at a Volkswagen plant in Germany sparked a social media storm this week and raised fears about human safety in the coming era of robotics. But experts on artificial intelligence and automation said the incident near Kassel should be understood as an extremely rare industrial accident, rather than a warning about future threats."


I'm working on my Girl Scout Gold Award project, where I run a Maker program at my old middle school. I'm trying to take it further by compiling resources that make "making" easier for teachers in areas with less time, support, and funding available. I know what challenges I faced getting a Makerspace started, but I want to know more about what a variety of educators with an interest in Maker Ed need. 

If you run or are a part of an educational maker program, especially one in an area of lower socio-economic status, what were the biggest challenges you faced in your program, and what tips can you share about how to overcome them? 

Does anyone here have experience with the Xbee Zigbee and the python-xbee library? I'm having trouble getting the Xbee to read the response from AT commands.

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Can AI 'experience' emotion?
Emotions are often portrayed in sci-fi as the last realm of humans, the only aspect of thought unavailable to most machines. Think of Data’s long quest for emotional experience on Star Trek, or the hard questions faced by Decker in Do Androids Dream of Elec...
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