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Daniel Hodkinson
what is this place?
what is this place?

Hi all!
Very slowly starting to learn about the delights of FastLED, but there's one issue i'm really stuck on:

How do you fade/transition between random colors?
I'm setting a random color on a button press with
`int sensorValue = random8();`

and then applying it to my Neopixel wheel with:

`fill_solid(leds, NUM_LEDS, CHSV(sensorValue,255,i));`

Which works well, every time i press the button the wheel changes to a random color. But i'd really like it to transition to that color over a set period (1s for e.g.) I'm looking through the docs but i can't find anything.

If anybody could point me in the right direction then that would be great. All of the examples I find always seem to just go 255, 0, 0 to 0, 255, 0 which I can don, but can't apply it to other colors.
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