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Bassist, Runner, Geek, Shark

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Are there any #GoogleAppsScript  users out there who'd like to get involved with my #Codecademy  Apps Script Group?

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This sounds pretty interesting if you're in the intersection of the hacking/edu spaces. Count me in.
Scripters with an EDU-bent, I've gone ahead and taken the liberty of creating an EDU-specific space -- intended to bring together the classroom-level early-adopter (teachers, administrators, etc) with Script builders.  +Martin Hawksey has offered help, and other lead figures in the EDU space are more than welcome to help moderate.  +Arun Nagarajan and +Eric Koleda are already generously offering their wisdom and gravitas.  

Been getting lots of traction (and impressive usage analytics) in the connected teacher space around Doctopus, gClassFolders, autoCrat, etc. and need a place to send these folks to commune that is not a static webpage.  Seems like it could be a fruitful space to find beta-testers for classroom oriented code projects.  

Join up comrades!

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+Tom Smith wrote up this great article on my #googleapps project - I think he explains it better than me!

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Noticed last night - looking very slick!
Google Forms, refreshed

Today we’re launching a more robust, powerful version of Google Forms. Just as you can in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, now you can invite others to work simultaneously with you as you create and edit a form—or chat with the group about your ideas without ever leaving the app. With new features like auto-save, undo/redo, and keyboard shortcuts, it’s easier to get stuff done quickly in Forms. 

The new update will be rolling out over the next few days. Read the full blog post for more details at, or watch the video below for a tour of the new Forms. 

Keep an eye on our page this week as we highlight some of our favorite Forms productivity tips—plus share details about an opportunity to Hangout with the engineers behind Forms!

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Speaking of +Tim Saunders, Codecademy just published a great interview with him. Tim talks about how learning JavaScript on their site and then applying it at work with Apps Script helped to get him a promotion. I think the story really shows the strengths of our platform: it's easy to get started and the results can have a large and immediate impact on your organization.

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about time this happened. Why all this talk about people leaving good old GR? point me at a better feed reader?

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Perhaps this may be helpful?

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