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Life is too short to drink bad wine or wear cheap shoes
Life is too short to drink bad wine or wear cheap shoes
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Anyone had trouble getting their fitness tracker to sync correctly with their Pixel?

I got a Garmin Vivofit 2 and set up the Vivo Connect app on my phone. It worked several days, then would not connect with my tracker when I asked it to sync. Some days it works, some days the tracker times out waiting for the connection. I called their support people and they had me clear the app cache and data, and it worked again, but isn't syncing a day later.

I contacted Fitbit to see if their Charge2 model has been tested and was told that it is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Pixel.

What is it about the Pixel's blue tooth implementation would make these trackers work sometimes and not others? Anyone had this issue? 

Hey folks... My Pixel XL is arriving tomorrow and I have a charging question. I'm new to C connectors, coming from a Nexus 6.

Can I use a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 charger on this new Pixel? If so, will I have decent charge times?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

How long are the shipping times?

I'd like to hear from anyone who received their Pixel XL in the last week or so about how long it took to receive it after ordering it.

I'm away from home for the holiday week but just decided to upgrade from my 2 year old Nexus 6 to the Pixel XL. I don't want to have it arrive and then wander off my doorstep before I get home, so I'm hoping to understand how long orders are taking and then order my new baby accordingly. 

My wife has T-Mobile and I have project fi. We live in an area where T Mobile reception is incredibly poor therefore, we have a T-Mobile LTE HotSpot that we obtained from them. It connects to our wifi and gives her a decent signal. My reception appears to be better too.

Does anyone know if the T-Mobile HotSpot actually improves the signal I receive on my project fi phone?

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Compelling arguments for voting for an awful person. I'm not "there" yet.

Update after update? Not sure why, but so many times, I'll be notified of an update to an app on my N6 through the Play Store. I dutifully update it, then, the next day, get a notice to update the same app again. This doesn't happen with every app, but occurs so frequently that I've got to believe that the app updates are not 'taking.'

Anyone else notice this behavior?

One America News Channel - anyone seeing this new cable channel? I typically watch a half hour of news when I eat lunch, and out here on the left coast, that would usually mean watching the detestable Shep Smith. He has a smarmy and opinionated attitude that has grown quite tired. I found a new choice... One America News that seems pretty decent. Their news bunnies aren't quite up to Fox's standards, and they run a lot of PSAs rather than commercials, but they're 10x better than watching Smith. 

Just started using Project Fi's phone network... a combination of Sprint, T-Mobile and wi-fi networks here in the US... .any chance that Open Signal would show Project Fi as a carrier? 
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