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Ferenc Boldog
Developing is like Starship Troopers - bugs keep coming - wonder when we'll find the brainbug (Kristof van Tomme)
Developing is like Starship Troopers - bugs keep coming - wonder when we'll find the brainbug (Kristof van Tomme)

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Upgrade Your Storage- Win a DS415+!

Simply share the image below and enter to win. Winner will be randomly chosen from those who share, good luck!

-Open worldwide
-Contest ends 10/6/14

Learn more about the DS415+:

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Distractions are not inevitable. At least not all. Do you live a busy life? Does a #smartphone  follow you everywhere? If so, this is for you.

After experimenting with #androidwear  24/7 for weeks I've distilled 3 pieces of advice for busy folks trying to reduce stress and interruptions. Your #smartwatch  displays one piece of important information when you need it most. Checking your phone less will help you stay more focused.

The first steps I recommend:

1. Create quick reminders.
Save some stress by speaking out an idea the moment it occurs to you, creating a location-based reminder with Google Now. One short sentence and it's gone, you're back on track.

2. Disable email notifications. 
Why bother with emails on a tiny screen that - admit it - you'd need your phone for anyway. I'm better off without that buzz every 2 minutes.

3. Use a stereo (wireless) headset.
This way you can answer calls and listen to music without the urge to pull your phone out every time - all related info you need is on your wrist.

+1. Take it off sometimes
This neat gadget helps you manage various kinds of workday distractions, though it creates some in itself. When you're serious about unwinding, be sure to leave it in its cradle.

All in all, this is just the beginning, and it's already impressive. Nice work +Alex Faaborg, +Emmet Connolly, +Roman Nurik and the whole team.

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Yahoo looking for an Android build engineer in Sunnyvale

Usually, my philosophy is to prefer fairly broad job descriptions for engineering, because I prefer to work in large companies where assignments tend to fluctuate, and because I feel that narrow descriptions tend to exclude people with a broad experience.

This time, though, here's a very narrow job description, for a job which I know doesn't fit in the usually broad bucket: we're looking for an Android build engineer, who is familiar with git, repo, ant, gradle, make, or at least most of those. There's no explicit experience requirement.

The job is located in Yahoo's headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, USA (in the heart of Silicon Valley), working with mobile teams there and in San Francisco, New York and London.

Edit: CS degree strongly preferred.

Interested candidates can email me directly at

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Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone International Giveaway!
Guess what? MIUI has over 50 million users now! What’s your favorite feature of MIUI? Follow +MIUI ROM , share this post and tell us your favorite MIUI feature in the forum ( to enter! We’ll pick one lucky MIUIer and give him/her a Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone on May 29! And we also prepared Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, Power Bank and MiCredits for more people! 

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Quartic Equation Solver, looks frightening ...


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Ma egy kicsit lusta vagyok. Ezert abban kernek segitseget, hogy keresek (, ha nincs akkor jovoevi projekt) olyan zenelejatszo alkalmazast androidra ami:
- lejatszik flac-t
- mukodik tableten
- vezerelheto egy masik androidrol
- jol kezelheto
- esetleg holo
- reklam mentes (fizetos vagy IAP-pal kikapcsolhato)


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Our last year award landed in the hungarian office. :-)

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