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We make and sell Warahouse Pallet Rack Protectors and Structural Column Guards
We make and sell Warahouse Pallet Rack Protectors and Structural Column Guards

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In 2011, I co-presented a paper at the national HSE Canada 2011 Health Safety & Environment Conference in Toronto. My co-presenter, Steve Duncan of Redirack Canada made me aware of this fatal rack collpase and I want to share it with everyone as a sobering reminder of our obligations.
In the summer of 2003 an accident occurred in a freezer facility operated by a warehousing company in Brampton Ontario that took the life of one of their employees. A single row as well as back to back rows of rack collapsed followed by a cave-in of the roof and buckling outwards of a wall. 3 days of concerted effort by emergency personnel as well as a private contractor we needed to recover the victim.
At the time of the occurrence workers heard a loud noise and felt a significant vibration. The Ontario Ministry of Labour investigation found that a lift truck had banged into a one of the racks prior to the collapse.
Due to what was originally a rescue, which turned into a recovery operation, the Ministry appointed Engineers were never able to inspect the damage as it had sat after the collapse, and were unable to specifically attribute the cause to one thing. They did however provide a list of possible contributing factors to this terrible accident which included.
1.Failure to provide cross aisle ties or building ties to the single row of rack where its height to depth ratio exceeded 8:1;
2.Damage to the uprights;
3.Use of lift trucks for which the system was not designed for; among others.
During a subsequent Coroner’s Inquest, the Jury made 13 recommendations such as:
•That the design, installation, and significant repair or modification of a storage rack system be required to be engineered and certified by a professional engineer on a post installation basis.
•That the Ministry of Labour trains its inspectors and engineers on CSA A344.1 &.2, as well as relevant issues pertaining to the racking industry.
•That employers need to require a H&S coordinator to be trained and competent in the training of other employees, inspections and requirements, dealing with racking damage and following up on repairs.
Rack safety is first and foremost, the employer's responsibility, and failure to provide a safe working environment can carry substantial legal liabilities (civil and criminal).
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