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ALERT: Real Estate Revals – MA Fiscal Year 2014
Formal and informal opportunities to secure a favorable assessment for the next three years exist now.  Get involved now and potentially reduce your tax obligation prior to receiving your first tax bill.  Fiscal Year 2014 runs from 07/01/2013 thru 06/30/2014 with an effective date of value of 01/01/2013.  MA revaluation dates by town are found here - 

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ALERT:  Real Estate Revals – CT Grand List 2013
A revaluation is the process undertaken by municipalities to appraise all real estate property within its jurisdiction according to its full and fair market value.  The mass appraisal model used by tax assessors likely does not take into account the many factors that may reduce a properties fair market value.  Grand list 2013 is the first chance to reduce assessments since 2008.  Opportunities exist now for property owners to get involved in the revaluation process to potentially secure a favorable value for the next five years.

(Reminder: In CT an assessment represents only 70% of fair market value). 

Revaluation dates by town are found here -

For more information and representation please contact us at

Congratulations Bob Lisk, VP of CPTM, on being elected President of NAPTAG, a national property tax consulting group with 22 member firms.

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We are pleased to announce our "NEW" website!  Check us out at
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