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#OnyxGuardian +Jerry Shoemake​ thanks for your business.
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+Steve Schwaller​ here's your BAF... Big Ass Find. My kids had a great day at the beach while you goons tried to block nothing.....
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Happy birthday +Johnny Lytesout 
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SitRep: Operation IllumiNadia (Nashville Anomaly BAF)

*Before we get to the SitRep Proper Let me state that I have total blame for this OP Name.. Not the lovely down to Earth Miss +Nadia Amro  Now that is over and done with on to the Phun.

So here we sit a few days after #Persepolis   Nashville and boy do I have a story to tell you guys! Sit back grab your Popcorn and let me spin you a yarn.

A few days after the Anomaly in Nashville was announced I was contacted  by a great sea creature who has my utmost respect. His message was clear. His message was heard.. a BAF for this anomaly was a must… IT HAD TO BE DONE.

So this great Spooky Sea Creature and I sit down.. and we planned and we scoured the maps.. and we finally realized that we could not link the North and South Poles together to field the whole Earth (I wonder if that would really happen!) so we called in some people who actually knew what they were doing. :)

Enter the leader of the ENL Gospel the Sinister Minister: +David Buckham  ; the always pleasant and chipper (Yes I heard the rumors… I just don’t believe them) Nadia Amro; and the guy who fields all things in Alabama, +Jacob Stewart  .

Quickly we hatched a plan using hard to get to anchors and once everything was decided upon task were assigned out and everyone went on their merry way to get things rolling.

Boringness ensued for a few weeks as we bid our time to start recruiting. I’m sure inappropriate memes and conversations ensued.. I was most likely threatened to be stabbed several times..Trust me It’s all BORING stuff.. You really do not want to hear about it.

As the weeks turned into days we started reaching out and trying to enlist every trusted agent we could find. Slowly the OP and Lane Clearers teams started to fill and everyone started to feel really good about this OP. As always there was some last minute reshuffling of resources and new additions to deal with.. But for everything that was going on, things went really smoothly.

The Day of the OP was hectic as Hell. Someone on the West anchor team (I won’t name names.. but It wasn’t me) overslept.. then decided to get an absurd speeding ticket. We arrived at the foot hills of our portals (about a 1.5 mile hike) around 2:30 and had serious signal issues with both AT&T and VZW upon arrival even though I had been out there before to key farm and the weekend before to verify signal once more after a carrier swap.

All and all we missed most of the confusion and craziness over zello due to cell phone coverage being almost nonexistent on the hike up there. (Thank God for Signal Boosters)

This OP was not only an Anomaly BAF op (Which managed to stay up two measurements.. almost 3) It was also a send off to one of the most dedicated sweet and loving agents I know.. Nadia Amro. Nadia. your who ENL family in the States misses you terribly already, and we all say Norway can borrow you for a bit.. but they can’t keep you forever!

This was the best op I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. I would gladly go through all the headaches all over again just to have the team I finally ended up with. Each and every person involved in this op has my full respect.. and feel free to ask me for help if you ever need anything at all. I owe you all a debt of gratitude! 

+Brit N Boots 
+Jason Rice 
+Jon Tillman 
+Kent Long
+Kyle Hayward 
+Shaun Johnston 

Key Gathers:
+Daniel Valdez 
David Buckham
Jacob Stewart
Jason Sanderson
Nadia Amro

Link Cutters:
+Alan Rice 
+All N ya 
+Andrew Mann 
+Ben Locke 
+bev craw 
+Bradd Dantuma 
+Catherine Joyce 
+Charlie Orrender 
+Christopher Bowman 
+Chris Buchanan 
+Chrisman McSpadden 
+Da Chicken Don 
Daniel Valdez
+Derek White 
+Dominique Oakley Lacey 
+Eric Grauel 
+Ezra Reeves 
+Falcar Deckion 
Jake Lacey
+James Byers 
+James Pruitt 
+Jason Burton 
+Kathy Emmetsberger
+Leslie Bowman 
+Lilykate Vanderbilt 
+Michael Coenen 
+Mikey West 
+Richard Tyndall 
+Russell Johnson 
+Seth Noseworthy 
+Thomas Spear 
+Tina H 
William Duty
+William Moreland 

Anchor Teams:
+Deke Fillmore 
+Honu McTurtle 
Jason Sanderson
+John Stocks 
+Katherine M. 
Nadia Amro
+Trent Bontly 

If I missed anyone please let me know and I will tag them accordingly.

After it was all said and done.. Everyone Engaged in a round of Karaoke Favorites over Zello.. cause well #supposedtohavefun  

#GreenGoblins   #SESIC   #BigGreenThings   #ShotsShotsShots   #ByeFelicia   #HeExtends   #TooManyHashtags  

+Ingress +Brian Rose +Linda Besh +Ethan Lepouttre +John Hanke +Brandon Badger 
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