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A 1:50 scale type 6 shuttle paper model along with my PCs from the Rescue at Xerxes.
Shuttle was modelled in Maya, unfolded in Pepakura, textured in Photoshop and then made using Matt Photo paper and lots and lots of swearing.

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Paul Maclean over at asked me to be the resident sketch artist for their latest campaign playthrough, The Curse of Nineveh by Cubicle 7.
As part of this, I also created a prop of the Effigy of Nabu Incarnate which features in the game and I documented the build process on my blog, which you can see here.

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Yay! Something to post for once.

I picked up a cheap Rubies Star Trek '09 movie Phaser at Star Trek Destination Europe this year and decided to give it a makeover.
the full process is documented here:

Facts. I understand how they are established and derived from aspects but could they be used to help define a species? For example in a Star Trek game, if a player were to have a Vulcan character we could derive from that the facts that Vulcans are unusually strong and have a secondary eyelid (or something) and are to some degree telepathic. All well and good but can those facts then allow the player to invoke or compel the Vulcan aspect in order to take advantage of those facts? Obviously these could be further enhanced by stunts too but stunts seem quite specific. In this case I could imagine stunts being used for things like mind meld and nerve pinch as they are not natural Vulcan traits and therefore not common to all Vulcans.

Is there any advice anywhere on converting Fate Core to FAE? Anything in the Fate Core rulebook or the toolkit? A blog?
I prefer FAE but I have a lot of very cool Core stuff that, if I want to use, I need to remove skills from and assign approaches and some advice on how to do that in a logical and balanced way would be most welcome.

How do you folks keep track of ranges in starship combat? I've toyed with the idea of using a series of concentric circles with the PC's ship miniature in the middle but that only works if you only have one PC ship. The other idea I had was range rulers between each ship miniature but that'll quickly turn in to an incomprehensible spider web if you have more than one PC ship!
How do you folks do it?

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I just backed this on Kickstarter. When I get my grubby mits on it I'm going to 'Accelerate' the bajeeziz out of it :D
It's pretty much exactly the RPG setting I've had in my head for about three decades. Many 'Floating Island' settings have come close but often have something core that I'm not keen on. This nails it. Can't wait!

PS - this is NOT a promo. I'm in no way affiliated with this project or connected to Jake Parker in any way. Never even met him.

So I ran my second (and for now, final) session of Time Agents using FAE on Monday night and this time it was pretty combat heavy. The Dalek I posted the other day appeared to be working well and was giving the players a pasting but we ran out of time and had to quit, sadly.
One point of note is that at one point they went off the grid and so in improvising, I took Jon Freeman's advice, 'When in doubt, dinosaur.' It worked well :)
The game wasn't as successful this week but I attribute that partly to the fact that the game was combat heavy which can get tedious but mostly because I had six players and I really don't like having more than 4. Still hugely in love with FAE, though.

Here's a first pass at a Dalek antagonist for my next FAE session. I'm sure it can be improved.
For a start, it feels very forceful biased and whilst they are essentially mini tanks, forceful doesn't feel quite right for them.


Dalek (Drone)

Concept: Angry, heavily armoured, xenophobic, emotionless pepper pots
Trouble: Nothing must stand in the way of ultimate Dalek victory. I obey.

Quick +1
Clever +2
Flashy +0
Forceful +3
Sneaky +2
Careful +1

Stunt: Because they are conditioned to destroy all that is unlike, they get a +2 to forcefully attack whilst shouting, ‘Exterminate!’
Stunt: Because they are encased in heavy armour they get +2 to forcefully defend against all physical attacks.

Stress OOO

So I finally managed to run a session of Fate accelerated and I LOVE it. I mean, I was in love with the idea of it from the moment I read the tiny, tiny book but I was worried that in practice it wouldn't survive first contact with the players. I needn't have worried though.
I ran a one-shot Doctor Who scenario called Curse of the Conqueror by Marcus Rowland. The PCs were Time Agents and to my delight, the players really enjoyed the rule system too. It was combat light and relied more on problem solving which was great but means we didn't get to test the combat rules. Ah well, Daleks next week. That should shake things up a bit. :)
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