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To all FriendFeeders, if you want anything archived copy the FF URL to this address:

The Archive Team are going to archive as much as they can, more info here:

Remember, FriendFeed closes on April 9th (only a few days away! :-(

Sorry, not been on here for a while.  How is everyone?

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I'm good.  You?
As we now have proper groups here on Google+ I will be closing this Page to avoid confusion.

Please join the new FriendFeed community here:
For FriendFeeders, young & old.
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I think we can ignore this post.  I won't be closing this "Page" down I will use it to post announcements regarding this and the FF Community.  The only change will be that I'll tweak the "Page"'s name so it doesn't get confused with the "Community".

Howdy everyone, please Circle this Page if you're a FriendFeeder. I have no particular plans for this group (well Page). For the moment I'm using it as a test and to see the amount of interest for such a group.

TBH I don't think Google+ Pages are made for groups (well that isn't the idea) so fingers crossed the likes of +Louis Gray and the Google+ introduce proper groups at some point.

What I'd like to try to do though is create a "FriendFeed Shared Circle". A Circle that can be shared to all FriendFeeders and for all FriendFeeders to follow and share to. Basically a way to share posts to FFers only. This Page isn't the best place as all Google+ Pages and public by nature.

I'll share my "online friends" circle here to get us started but it includes friends from other services + also has a few missing. So it might nee trimming and adding to.

I know a few of you have shared FF Circles so perhaps we can all work on creating a FF Circle we can all use. What do you think?

Kol Tregaskes
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Sorry, not been on here for a while.  How is everyone?

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Great how's your Sunday morning going?
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Don't forget to join the page too.  You can use the link below.  I'll use it to post announcements and important posts, it will basically be the "sticky" posts.

Both myself, +Kol Tregaskes and +Nathan Chase are owners of the "Page".
A Page for all the great users of FriendFeed, i.e. the FriendFeeders
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updates daily about FF.
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A Page for all the great users of FriendFeed, i.e. the FriendFeeders
A page for any FriendFeeders.  If you are a FF user or have used FriendFeed in the past then please feel free to join. :-)

We also have a Community, which you can view/join from the link from the right sidebar, under the logo and URL.