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Who is worse for F1, Bernie or Charlie? I used to think it was Bernie, but Charlie is just as out of touch and delusional, if not more so, and he has the ability to enact his moronic choices immediately, which Bernie doesn't.
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Red bulls DQ'ed for flexible front wings..

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In before the 'where is my Lillipop!!' gets too bad..

Android Police say ONLY the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 Wifi models will get Lollipop today, the other devices will get it later this month.. although this could be wrong of course.

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For those that havent seen it, this really helps the screen pop a bit more.
Dont forget to thank the poster.

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Impressive! But i had no idea he was 26..

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The reason Perez got a penalty. He was off the racing line and moved across  into Massa. Massa was already committed, and clearly faster.

Proud of my home town today. In the Elections they rejected UKIP completely. They got no seats, no councillors, nothing. Well done Exeter!
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