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David Cloake
As mad as a box of frogs
As mad as a box of frogs

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Going Back To Basics - Vicar Style
This is not a post about the style of Vicars, because even as Jesus himself did, we should all wear black and with tonsure collars. Images of Jesus in beige dresses was purely to appease the folk festival lot! No, this is a post about us vicars revisiting s...

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Biblical Miracles in the Twenty-First Century
Just over seven years ago, the Lord blessed me and the fragrant Mrs Acular with the calling of parenthood and the blessing of not just one tiny life, but two. Two bundles of curly red-headed joy, a journey as yet unfolded, the future resting prone before us...

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Just So You Know
I am among you as one who serves ... so passing on a prophecy is for me to do! Picture courtesy of HTB

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Brothers and sisters, and you in the cheap seats, it is time that I came out of the closet and 'fess up here and now. I believe in washing my dirty laundry in public, which is why I have a blog, innit, and today is the day for me. Those of you who know me w...

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Why We Must Ban the Future
Whitney Houston (may she rest in peace) once recorded a very nice song that largely echoes the sentiments of many adults in the parish life of our church. They are, to be sure, very nice words and tune isn't wholly barf-making either!  I believe the childre...

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This Wonderful Whitton
It has, for some time, been my 'day-off' custom to accompany the fragrant Mrs Vicarage to an establishment nearby for a weekly fix of pig-meat and baby chickens-in-waiting, served with a mug of coffee whose temperature would melt titanium and a plate of fre...

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Lessons from The Catholic
Picture with thanks to the Telegraph Many in my parish would think me a Roman Catholic, and for a number of reasons. First I am known as Father; secondly, I wear some semblance of clerical uniform and only in the colour black; thirdly I know what a cassock ...

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Courtesy of the Guardian, a paper that I do read I saw an article yesterday from that paper I don't ordinarily read, the Telegraph (The Daily Star is about my level), where it criticised the comedy series Rev. for promoting a Christianity = Being Nice model...

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The God of Surprises
Last weekend, a rather wonderful thing happened. No, I am not referring to          (all glory laud and honour) Palm Sunday though that was pretty special as always         (it never seems to rain on Palm Sunday, either). This year, our Hosannah-ing was fol...
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