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sabrina m
A thing of beauty, no matter what you think
A thing of beauty, no matter what you think
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Cause The Times; sadly not the people; They Are a Changin
I’m going to give you a backwards domino effect
of how we can improve as a whole. THESE ARE MY OWN PERSONAL OPINIONS, for all
you sensitive folks. The only way we can advance as a race, the human
race, is by being a better society. The only way we can be a ...

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My Mama Told Me, You Betta Shop Around
This won’t take long today.
As usual I have a little something to get off my chest. While I do a lot of
creative things that act as my bread and butter, I also work a part-time job
that supplements my income. Now exactly where I work is of no concern, you'l...

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Not All Dreams Are Created Equally..but reach for them anyway
Welcome to the New Year! Nobody say it, I already know I'm
tardy to the party with that statement. The truth is I've been a little busy
the better part of this year. I have so many things in the works I can’t even
list them all here. But have no fear; I did...
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