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So now that Google+ has been out for a while, do you guys find yourselves posting to social networks more often or less often overall than before?

I'm personally posting much less often. Part of it is because I now have to decide which network(s) to post to and then what circle/group to post to. Relatively speaking, that's a lot of decision making for a fairly trivial task.

However, I didn't control my variables that well. I'm sure the baby and new job have something to do with my decreased posting frequency as well. :-)
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Posting more to here, less to Facebook, myself.
My posting rate is way up... all the way from once/quarter to once/week. :)
Amy Ho
More posts here. Less on FB and Twitter. 
I'll probably start posting more often when I get one of those driverless cars Google has been touting.
I still post to FB. I think most of the folks on my google+ circles have forgotten that they have a google+ account. Very little activity here on g+.....
More here, though I was a very infrequent poster on FB. Tweeting rate is unchanged, but I don't tweet very often.

I do find that I'm checking here for updates far more often than FB. Twitter the most still for me.
My G+ feed is full of Googlers, not many of my other friends have moved over. I probably check it a few times a week.

I check FB daily even if I don't post as much since that's where everyone (including Crissy) seems to post pictures of their kiddos.
More posting and checking on G+. I never look at FB, never post there, and ignore any friend requests.
I'm mostly in G+, but, like other Googlers -- a lot of my social life also revolves around other Google employees.
Interestingly, my high school friends seem to have bought into it more than FB. I posted that message then realized the rest of my stream was filled with posts from them.
Amy Ho
Most of my high school friends are still on FB but I find I'm not missing out on much by not checking there as often now. Most of my G+ content comes from Googlers or random (but not quite as spammy as Twitter) people whom I've never met. Content and dialogue here is definitely richer.
More posts here, especially posts where I decide to filter out my more distant acquaintances.
I post probably a hair more often but its a blip on the radar mostly because I never posted much before.
+1 to amy's comment, content here is much better. though i still feel like i can reach more people by posting on facebook than g+, just because that's where my friends are.
So it seems like:
- Google people -> posting more on G+. Definitely helped by the fact that all the other Googlers are pretty active. And maybe because your bonuses are tied to the product's success :)
- Non-Google people -> mixed bag. Seems like Bob F's posts are things that would have normally gone on his blog (, which everyone should check out). Mithun and I are still more on FB because that's where our more active friends are. And Steve and Larry are still anti-social. :)
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