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Sarah MacKay Robinson
A runner + dreamer.
A runner + dreamer.

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Halfway(ish) through the self motivated #hitresetstreak! Full disclosure: I missed two days. I made up one session the next day but not the other one. Keeping it real! Over all I'm really loving the streak and am looking at the next two weeks to set the ton...

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Different day - same slog.  I warmed up for my steady state workout yesterday feeling like steaming garbage. My legs were heavy, my breathing rough, I was hungry, my right shoe was too loose, I was exhausted... I felt like I couldn't hold my warmup pace for...

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What the Fire Left
There are years in life that float by unnoticed, smooth sailing. There are others that are completely life altering, years on fire. I have been dancing in the fire for months. Changes like sparks on dry kindle. From the moment I saw Penelope's heartbeat on ...

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Olympic Trials Marathon Twitter Q&A
Having a hard time processing the Olympic Trials Marathon many layers. In the meantime here's answers to your Twitter questions! I may never fully process Saturday. Someday soon I'll tell you all about it. Any particular Qs? #runningstarfish...

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Past 7 but one more...what are changes u make to your diet when training that you know for sure make a difference? — Jenn (@jennharowicz)  Also, what's next for you? Olympic Trials long been a dream so time to think of another. Congrats! — Lea (@chanlea)  L...

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Olympic Trials Marathon - One Week Countdown
Time flies when you're training for your unicorn race.  In just 7 days I'll be standing on the starting line of the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon in LA. (knocking on all wood reachable). I feel that LA air. Midmorning, the day still cool but warming. And ove...

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...but I'm going to live!
Awkward ostrich ice dancing update! My knee is on the mend. I'm running through. I'm running again. The MRI showed a lot of reasons I was in pain (pre-arthritis, fluid, a badly bruised fibula head...) but it's pain not injury as they say. And as soon as I c...

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Like A Motherfucker
I train alone 90% of the time. And basically all my long runs before CIM were solo. Enter podcasts. I started listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons at Tessa's Instagram advice (post). I did it all wrong and out of order and started with episode 5 w...

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Trust No Broccoli
I’m blaming the broccoli. The broccoli that spilled over my backpack, forcing me to spend a whole day smelling like a giant fart and then Fabreeze my beloved Hershel bag. Making me take an ugly tote to work the next early morning. So that when I planted my ...

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training on vacation in one scene
It's somewhere between 11:30pm and 3:45am. It's day 4 of family Florida Christmas vacation. I'm doing squats in the dark of our bungalow on the beach. Holding Penelope. Praying to all the gods to let me be able to gently just rest her little body...down ......
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