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1 ZTU Every 6 Minutes
1 ZTU Every 6 Minutes


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Something very shiny is distracting the Zingwaldo effort.

So, we're not going to do it any more.  

We're going to build an H-Box instead.

As cool as Zingwaldo could have been if fully implemented, the H-Box will reach far more people and make many more people's lives better.
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We're spending a little time doing some other work to put some cash in the bank.

Once things are a little more financially stable, we'll get back to completing the rain-drops app.

Sorry for the delay.
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Nothing new to report except that there's nothing new to report.  Efficiency is hard.
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There's a little change in the url of the app. instead of .

It's still nowhere near being done, but the new url will provide a hint on how things will look.
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In an hour or so, the ZTU count will go above 112 million potential ZTUs in circulation.

Development on the first Zingwaldo apps is continuing.  Not nearly as fast as is needed, but continuing nonetheless.

Share this page with others if you want them to be added to the list of people that are accumulating ZTUs in the event that Zingwaldo apps get completed.  They'll start out with over 26,000 ZTUs if they follow this page.

Keep coming back.  We'll let you know more details as time goes on.
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Although the Zingwaldo IndieGoGo campaign proved to be a monumental failure, rest assured that Zingwaldo is still under development.

The downside to not being able to raise sufficient development funds is that less than capable programmers are currently performing the development tasks.  

This doesn't mean that the resulting apps will be any less useful or robust.  It simply means that it's going to take longer than expected before they are publicly released.

We've come to the conclusion that the apps will initially be provided through the web browser and be based on Google App Engine and coded primarily in Python.

In addition to not being able to get the code completed in a more reasonable amount of time, there will be delays in converting the Zingwaldo company into a Co-operative.

That said, Zingwaldo currently has nearly 90,000,000 ZTUs that will be ready for circulation once the apps are ready.

To get yours, publicly circle Zingwaldo and we'll add your name to the list.  For now, all those added to the list will be back-dated to  April 5, 2012.  This will provide you with an instant (as of today) 22,000+ ZTUs for your Zingwaldo Account.
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Visit our +Zingwaldo page to find out how to support the development of a new currency, built for the world's 99%.  #occupy #wearetheninetyninepercent
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A couple of hours ago, I posted this in 6 separate posts.  Here's the whole thing in one piece.
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This is THE solution to the money question. Of course in my opinion. The ideas embodied in HR 2990 have been around for some time and are sound, sensible and constitutional. The video does not go into great depth about these ideas but for those who have studied this it is what we (at least I) have been hoping for. You can guess whether it has a chance in hell of passing but it is what gives the 1% nightmares. This is where America is heading regarding its money or America will not be heading anywhere that most of us will like. Thanks Mr. K for your mighty contribution to the needed public conversation.

Just a reminder that the money question is one of two fundamental questions the other of which is the "land question. In both cases the question is: whose money, whose land is this. The answer in both cases is that the money system and the land/natural resources belong to all of us equally and in the new economic paradigm policies already well formulated will be adopted to insure that all of us benefit from "ownership" and control instead of the 1+% of our kind who control and disproportionally benefit now.
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I'm working for a small start-up that's creating an alternative currency. Everyone who gets an account will get one unit of currency added to their account every 6 minutes, automatically.

If the idea gets big enough, that much alternative currency in circulation will grease the wheels to stimulate demand for more goods & services, thereby providing an incentive for more people to start small businesses.

Unless there are consumers with money to spend, there's not a whole lot of incentive to start businesses to serve everyone's needs.

Find out more at +Zingwaldo
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