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Dusan Sekulic
Educator, avid traveler, writer, reader, fascinated with all things intricate and a passionate sports enthusiast.
Educator, avid traveler, writer, reader, fascinated with all things intricate and a passionate sports enthusiast.

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Making Teaching Attractive Again
Teacher Recruitment An excellent article from The Economist this week about making teaching attractive to 'high-flyers' once more. It begs the question: Should we reward good teachers while getting rid of the ones that don't pull their weight? What do you t...

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The Spy's Choirbook
Source Petrus Alamire's gift to Henry VIII One of the most beautiful musical manuscripts in the British Library came to life at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse EARLY 16th-century Europe typically consisted of educated men who excelled in several professions - f...

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The Nature of Human Violence
Analysing violence in all its complexities Professor Gwen Adshead explores one of humanity's most destructive behaviours AN uncomfortable, delicate topic at the best of times, the perpetuity of human violence is an issue all too real in today's society. End...

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Did God Evolve?
Source An evolutionist's speculation about religion Professor Steve Jones looks at the careful relationship between science and religion THE quiet, sometimes boisterous speculation and contemplation of God and His scrutiny by science has been a fairly regul...

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Predicting death within 30 days
Source Health 'Death test' brings up intriguing debate on accurate technology and its application PLACING one's fate in the metallic hands of technology is an unwelcome prospect for many people. It hearkens to images of robotic customer service voice record...

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Weekends in the Cotswolds
Bibury, Gloucestershire, England UK travel Getting away for a few days in the beautiful Cotswolds brings relaxation aplenty A fresh, cool breeze greets my nostrils as I disembark the tour bus. It is crisp, refreshing, emanating a sense of solitude and peace...

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Free Public Lectures
Barnard's Inn, London. Source Daily series to expand the mind This year, The Forum Populares will be covering a selection of the over 400-year-old lecture series in the heart of London SEEKING knowledge has always been a journey that each person traverses o...

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Green Technology
Source Eco-conscious living one app at a time Environmentally friendly purchases should increase with a growing number of “Green” apps in 2015 THE evolution of useful and meaningful mobile apps for the general populace to indulge in has been unwavering sinc...

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£15,000 for Lessons in 'Grit and Resilience'
Source New award by The Department for Education will reward schools for excellent character education It is not a typo: £15, 000. According to a article , the newly created award by The Department for Education will encourage more schools i...

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How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Anywhere
Source Thrifty Guides: Saving time and money when booking your next flight Flying on a budget has become a habitual practice for most people in the 21st century. Whether we are travelling anywhere in North America, Europe, Asia and beyond, trying to find th...
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