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Entwickler und Designer brauchen Schriften, die die Augen schonen und das Erkennen unterschiedlicher Buchstaben und Symbole erleichtern. Wir haben die besten Coding-Fonts in einer Übersicht für euch zusammengetragen.
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the mobile phone one obviously does not show how wide the brick was and how thin phones are now
Today, on the birthday of Charles Darwin, we celebrate Darwin Day, to promote science and highlight his contributions to the field. Darwin is best known for his groundbreaking book, “On The Origin Of Species,” published in 1859, that convincingly argued the theory of species evolution.
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Automatically daily update for the #pacman #mirrorlist :
1. Just download update-pacman-mirrorlist from #AUR.
2. Use the systemd timer for daily updates of the mirrorlist:
sudo systemctl enable update-pacman-mirrorlist.timer

Update-pacman-mirrorlist can be configured with the /etc/update-pacman-mirrorlist file to download from any publicly accessible URL. It defaults to the official Pacman Mirrorlist Generator. However, for optimal download speed it is recommended that mirrors located near your computer’s physical location on the network are used.

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And suddenly the new Libre Office Update was here ^^
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Part II: Some colors (salts) of different acids. And a way to get some circles on the surface... Just some alchemical experiments to get some new ideas for potential artworks i'll create... or not.
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Goldene Schokoladenfolie war hier das Original, sieht ein wenig festlich aus, nicht wahr?
Golden chocolate wrapping paper was the source here, quite festive, too, isn't it?
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She Talks To Rainbows
Abstract Photography
800 x 1200
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LIGO Detected Gravitational Waves!

Here is the real waveform, generated by two merging black holes, each about 30 times more massive than the sun.

The figure came from this paper, which I am still trying to read, because the journal's server has been hugged to death by eager scientists:

Stay tuned. I'll be live-tweeting the panel at the +Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (streamed here: in about an hour. And I'll write up a blog post tonight.

My twitter handle is @thephysicsmill and I'll use the hashtags #PILIGO   and #gravitationalwaves  
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Groundbreaking #physics: Using the LIGO observatory, a team led by MIT and Caltech scientists has made the first direct detection of gravitational waves, proving correct Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Full story:

Image: LIGO/R. Hurt

#gravitationalwaves #LIGO #Einstein #relativity #MIT

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Worum geht's?
Um die Liebe. Um die Abgründe in der Liebe. Um die Verirrungen und Verwirrungen. Um vage Schwüre, gebrochene Versprechen, Liebestaumel, Liebesaus....
ein Buch, das die Widersprüche mutig in Szene setzt und uns taumeln, staunen, denken lässt...
Greta Rosalie Emme stellt ihren Texten alte Liebesbriefe gegenüber.. hoch explosiv!

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Just some alchemical experiments to get some new ideas for potential artworks i'll create... or not.
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  • Leo's Gartencenter
    Gardener, 2015 - present
    I'm especially speeking with flowers ;)
  • Microtec Brixen
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Jaufental, Ratschings, Italien
Schegargasse, Wien, Österreich - Roßauer Gasse, Wien, Österreich
Philosophy/Bioinformatics/Art & Culture
Studied bioinformatics (AI, neuronal networks, algorithms, logic (Goedel...), discret structures, genetics, biochemistry, physics and chemistry...) and philosophy (aesthetics, existentialism, skepticism, relativism, pessimism...) at the university of Vienna.
I'm interested in culture, art (arte povera, informel (Anselm Kiefer...), abstract expressionism (Cy Twombly...), classical music (Gustav Mahler, Hindemith...), literature (Fernando Pessoa, Emil Cioran..., theater, neuroscience (receptor profiles, psychopharmacology...), nature (animals (dogs, corvids, freshwater shrimps...), flowers (poisonous plants, neophytes (giant hogweed), poppy, cacti), trees, mushrooms, lichen, travelling (especially in "chaotic" aereas of the world (Istanbul, Balkan...))...
I like fishing ( as a passive activity, writing (, painting (, reading, sleeping, drinking coffee...
I hate all kinds of competition (Sport, Job, Evolutionary pressure...)
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    Bioinformatik, present
  • Uni Wien
    Philosophie, present
  • Naturwissenschaftliches Realgymnasium Sterzing
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