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#Europe united in #comedy, a praiseworthy initiative from +NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE to follow America great steps.

Towards the abyss.

With a laughter.

#humour #satire #donaldTrump #EU

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It is not Polymar if he does not turn into even a single vehicle (among the 5 his helmet can handle) :(

[Not sure if I like the more realistic combat style: still too flashy, so they could have kept the choreography of the tokusatsu style]

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"Honestly, I feel like no one truly understands how #webpack works. And we all just keep throwing random properties and plugins at it praying that it will all turn out. AggressiveMergingPlugin? sure. OccurrenceOrderPlugin? ok. DedupePlugin? fine."

Weeeeelll :D...

#React.js #Babel #webDevelopment

Lunch, I was asked me "where are you from? You sound like de Niro [proud moment for me], doing the scary mafia dude [fuck :D!]" #politicallycorrect dead in #Germany, yay <3!

Full disclaimer: I might actually fit some of the points on the above bill.

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This reminds me: if I considered #Xmas, what would be geekier to watch than #Gundam 0080 int his period?


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"Embed little surprising moments of play into everything" and more precious tips from a #LEGO #ux designer

#creativity  #uxdesign #design  

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#ux/#uxdesign in random places: smaller plates, colored chips and more ideas from a #Libertarian #Food researcher

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Being away from home ( #London ) for a long while, and yet to know they are keeping up your legacy/routine: #code - #thumbsPushUps -moreCode

#joy   #bliss   #pushups  
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Wait, does this mean his vocabulary extends to more than 20 terms?

Didn't thought he knew so many slang words to call genitalia, I am impressed :o!

#trump   #donaldjtrump   #donaldtrump   #donaldduck  

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To all my countless fan [two NSA bots following me by mistake, probably], a rare moment of cranial hair surpassing facial hair.

#manly   #manliness   #stillManlyAF

P.S.: Still in office to do extra work, while I was admitted to be on hacktrain ( and could be back in Paris by now T_T

Well, at least I got to see most of Berlin. By the window...
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