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A Paladin Without A Crusade...
A Paladin Without A Crusade...


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A Paladin’s Review: AI War: Fleet Command. You ARE Outgunned. You ARE Massively Outnumbered. You MUST Read This Review or Else Be Crushed By The AI.

Read the review here: Listen/Watch the review on YouTube:

This is the final review for the year. Thanks for the great support in 2016!

Christmas used to be one of my favorite holidays. The cheer, the decorations, the mood, the music, the getting together as a family, all of it was a lot of fun.

But since coming out as Atheist and my current relationships with my blood relatives have.....considerably chilled.....I'm not sure what to make of this holiday anymore. Sure, a lot of it has it's roots in paganism and whatnot but so much of it is still very....Christian. a lot of the songs remain Christian and it's more than a little awkward to sing to O Holy Night or listen to some YouTubers because of the religious songs they'll do. Yea, there are secular songs out there. Just...

I can still say Merry Christmas, it's not a big deal. Just the rest of it? Has so many connotations that I haven't figured out how to settle with.

I'm not looking for a solution or anything, just letting my mind talk for a while and I haven't done a long post in far too long.

If anyone is surprised that Stefan Molyneux is advocating "eye for an eye" violence or worse against Atheists, you haven't been paying to how this guy works. He is an extremist that uses sensationalism to spread his poisonous views to people. Quit watching him. Rob him of the attention he seeks. He is not worth it.

Below is a video counterpointing Mr. M.

I've largely avoided talking about Mr. M because I refuse to watch his content. But unfortunately, he is amassing a following that is far too large to ignore. So, my attention is turning to this so-called Atheist. And keeping a very close eye on his actions.

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So this has happened.

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Well. Well. Well. The shoe finally drops. These are the "moral" "family values" "God-fearing" Republicans everyone! They'll vote for a child molester because screw those enemies of ours, the American people.

Just found out that a friend of mine got fired for reporting her harasser at her job. Yup. Nothing wrong in this nation whatsoever. Go team USA. Stand for the pledge and all that fucking bullshit.

Fuck this. Fuck all of this bullshit.

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Ahh good old Texas and their FREEDOM

How dare she not do somehting that isn't legally required. What is this, a democracy? Pfff Fuck that. We're a goddamn tyrannical government and we will MAKE you pledge your undying allegiance to this great nation. FOR FREEDOM.

On a serious note: Kudos to this kid for making the tough choice. I hope your educational career isn't too fracked up because a principal can't handle freedom of speech. And I'm sure the ACLU would also help you out.

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"You've thrown our budget a little out of whack"


People died for that joke. Quite literally. Class act right here.

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50+ dead. 200 Injured. Unknown societal damage.

I....I.....what is there to say anymore.

Thoughts and prayers aren't appreciated here. Actions are the only thing I care about right now. Help out the survivors. Donate or hug a friend affected by it.

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Online gaming is a toxic mess. As a long-time gamer, an advocate and a ("retired") reviewer, I have a lot of reasons to extol the virtues of this hobby of mine. But this, this isn't one of them.

It's telling that when I'm in an online game, I really hesitate to join voice chat. I just want to play my game and not have to deal with toxic asshole #1, 2, 3, 10, 50, 500, 27500203 of the month. And then I question why I bother playing online games at all. Part of the reason is to interact and compete against other people, is it not? And yet I'm being anti-social and it kills me when I am. I unceremoniously quit Overwatch because I got fed up with the toxicity. I quit SMITE and Paladins for similar reasons because I wasn't having fun anymore. For every 10mins of joy, there was 120mins of toxicity plaguing chat or voice. Edgelords, idiots, assholes and people who can't keep their temper or bigotry in check for five minutes. Who think the game is over in 60 seconds because one person didn't quite pick the Meta.

Yea, what Pewdiepie said was outrageous. But in the large scheme of things, he's not the first nor will he be the last to say it. Blizzard wondered why their community had gone downhill in the past year in Overwatch. The reason is that good people like me left. We got fed up and we left. So long as those good people continue to have to subjugate ourselves to the most immature, racist, bigoted people on the planet, we will continue leaving your online games.

I wish I knew what the solution was. I wish I knew why gamers were so non-inclusive. I wish things were better. But they aren't.

It's telling that I can count how many multiplayer games I've played this year on one hand over single player. It's really telling.

We need to fix this shit. I just wish I knew how.
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