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The Border Between Europe and Asia: Just an Imaginary Line
There are different concepts in the world on how many continents exist.
Some of these concepts have a rather geographical or geological
background, others go back to views that are based on politics. Whether
we speak of Europe and Asia, or only of one su...

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Ekaterinburg: More Motley Than Expected
If you consider Siberian cities to be grey and boring you haven't been to Ekaterinburg yet. Ekaterinburg is a city with a colorful culture and an interesting mix of architecture. Follow the Travelling Monkeys on a sightseeing tour past an over-sized keyboar...

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Photos of Kazan
100 Photos of Kazan Despite being among the 25 biggest cities in Europe, Kazan is relatively unknown to most travellers. This has to change! Kazan is an amazing city and it definitely deserves bigger attention. In 100 photos The Travelling Monkeys will show...

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5 hours in Moscow
What To Do In Moscow? (if you have just a 5 hours stopover) Moscow is huge! So is it even worth it to leave the train station (or the airport) just for few hours? It definitely is. The best thing to do is visiting the very centre of the city: the Red Square...

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*Cloakrooms in Moscow*
Moscow Luggage Storage Facilities Are Backpacker Unfriendly The Travelling Monkeys found out a peculiar fact about the luggage storage during their short stopover in Moscow. There is the most stupid rule concerning the luggage they accept for storage. All t...

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A Few Days in Rural Russia
The Travelling Monkeys had an opportunity to experience the real rural Russia. They stayed in an old house with Babushka Olga, who had her own garden and honey bees. They tried fresh honey, ate pies baked in a Russian stone oven, drank fresh milk from the n...

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Mushroom Soup from Rural Russia
Today Bimbino and Bambina got something special for those who love to cook different things from all over the world. They have been to a rural area in the Vologda region, where aunt Olga showed them how to cook a simple, but very tasty mushroom soup. he mos...

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Where Father Frost is Living
The Travelling Monkeys travel to northern Russia to visit Father Frost. They saw a lot of interesting things on the way and had a lot of fun in a fairy-tale world. August 2015 was the time for the Travelling Monkeys to hit the road again. They had decided o...

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1000 Km of Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing
Máncora is probably the most famous beach town on the Peruvian coast. Warm, clear water, a tropical climate with daily sunshine, and light yellow fine sand beaches make it the perfect retreat for people who are depressed due to the grey skies of Lima. The o...

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