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Homecoming, say what?!
Hello all! There was a fresh chill in the air on my walk to my 8:30 a.m. class today. Why did I include the time? So you'd feel bad for me. Anywho, the crisp morning air reminded me so much of Homecoming week in high school that it brought on some serious n...

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I've been irritable lately. Little things are getting to me and I feel those ugly strings of venom climbing up my throat, clawing at the back of my mouth, willing themselves into words.  Maybe I'm not sleeping enough. Maybe I'm not getting enough iron in my...

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a change of scene
Well, hello there! It sure has been a long time, eh? Yep. Yep, it sure has. But, I'm going to remedy that. I've been hankering to start up this little ol' blog again, but with a much different approach because let's be honest here: the beauty route wasn't r...
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