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Yup.  MAC has always been the best tool for my music and photography, but I hate that the only real solution is to just buy a newer computer.  

Some of you may know that i'm in the IT field. I've never been one to chose a side when it comes to the old MAC vs debate. You should select the tool thats most appropriate for your job. However, lately I've been getting extremely frustrated with Apple. 

Why cant I install the latest version of insert any program on an "old" MAC? iTunes I'm looking at you (but its not the first). My sister upgraded her iPhone to iOS 6 because her phone said...hey...theres an upgrade! Now she cant sync with her iTunes. She also cant update iTunes because Apple says no. Why? Its not a complicated program.

I'm having similar problems with my MacBook Pro. I could list a few more but what I'm realizing is that they force users to upgrade. I guess thats the only way to get 1 million people standing outside your doors every year.

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This is very important. Watch is well worth 30 minutes of your day. Spread the word, let's make Kony famous.
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