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Ramakrishna Reddy
Principal Engineer at Red Hat, Developer @ Fedora, Indlinux. Problem Solver, Biker,Story Teller, Documentary Photographer, Comics Artist, Future Musician.
Principal Engineer at Red Hat, Developer @ Fedora, Indlinux. Problem Solver, Biker,Story Teller, Documentary Photographer, Comics Artist, Future Musician.

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God take those merry gentlemen
and put them on a bus
I do not care where it goes
But make it far from us
To save us all from drunken wails
The vomit and the fuss

Oh tidings of humbug and woe
tidings of humbug and woe
Oh tidings of humbug and woe

Oh god those merry gentlemen
are singing in the street
They sound like sheep that are lost
A woeful whining bleat
I wish they'd learn to sing in tune
Or maybe keep the beat

Oh tidings of humbug and woe
tidings of humbug and woe
Oh tidings of humbug and woe

I wish those merry gentlemen
Were all put on a train
And sent to somewhere distant
And not let back again
I'd even pay the fares for some
To clear it from my brain

Oh tidings of humbug and woe
tidings of humbug and woe
Oh tidings of humbug and woe

God take those merry gentlemen
And guide them to a bar
Keeping them drinking all the night
So that they can't walk far
And we shall have a silent night
And no more mental scars

Oh tidings of humbug and woe
tidings of humbug and woe
Oh tidings of humbug and woe

Oh tidings of humbug and woe
tidings of humbug and woe
Oh tidings of humbug and woe

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And so the inevitable begins again. The unavoidable collision between speech and physical objects. This effectively re-plays the saga over Beowulf Cluster software and the arguments of the Bernstein case over crypto because some of the files in question are scad files - so computer programs, and STL is but a mathematical model.

Some of the takedown is bizzare, you can make airgun silencers out of a coke bottle and four or five cheap plastic funnels so why go after a 3D printed version of the same that is trivial to rewrite anyway ?

At it's heart though is a rather interesting problem

US law divides stuff into speech and machines. As the Bernstein case over crypto showed - speech and machines are the same thing. The problem isn't the one the DoD trade compliance people are asking which is "Is this A or B" the problem is the word "or".

And, while Defence Distributed are enjoying themselves with guns and the US schism over the right to randomly kill one another, the longer term questions involve rather more complicated problems. For example what happens when computers and human writing finally come together so that the computer can read the academic paper and print the object itself, or given the work on DNA synthesis and on chemical production when the computer can casually parse all those pretty chemical diagrams and simply spit out the described molecule, virus or other pathogen ?

Various legal systems have attemped hacks and patches, or just run away from daring to force the final result (eg Bernstein) but at some point someone is going to have to figure out how you maange and put your legal system back together to cope properly - and what the best policies might be.

It's not that making a gun was ever hard given a lathe and a couple of other tools - its the same problem as in software space with pre-packaging exploits. The less you need a human in the way the more you de-skill the process. At that point anyone can do it and it is not clear whether that is somehow 'levelling'  in the same was as the musket could be argued to have been, or a social disaster waiting to happen (or indeed both)

It's also at this point of course really a fight about the right to print a soon obsolete technology. A 'home defence' weapon isn't going to be much use against an incoming drone.

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               700 year old Iranian Home

Allegedly, these homes in Iran, carved out of solid rock, were built on the order of 700 years ago and are still inhabited by people who have given them modern touches (you know, the little things like windows, doors, and electricity). Pretty impressive when you consider that houses in America barely survive a century without extensive maintenance.
YouTube : 700 years old houses

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Some patterns for fast Python. Know any others?

- Avoid overengineering datastructures. Tuples are better than objects (try namedtuple too though). Prefer simple fields over getter/setter functions.

- Built-in datatypes are your friends. Use more numbers, strings, tuples, lists, sets, dicts. Also check out the collections library, esp. deque.

- Be suspicious of function/method calls; creating a stack frame is expensive.

- Don't write Java (or C++, or Javascript, ...) in Python.

- Are you sure it's too slow? Profile before optimizing!

- The universal speed-up is rewriting small bits of code in C. Do this only when all else fails.

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Call for Proposals for Pycon India 2012 :: 28 - 30 September, Bangalore, India.
The Fourth edition of PyCon India is being held in Bangalore,India from 28th
September 2012 to 30th September 2012. The organisers of PyCon India
2012 are looking for talk and tutorial proposals to fill the formal
presentation and tutorial tracks. We accept proposals on a very broad
range of topics related to Python programming.

Important Dates
   - Call for proposals opens: June 26, 2012
   - Proposal submission deadline: August 25, 2012
   - Proposal acceptance: Aug 31, 2012
   - First presentation upload: September 15, 2012
   - Final presentation upload (with changes if any): September 25, 2012

Permission to record/release presentations
In PyCon India, we intend to record all presentations live and release
the recordings for free on the Internet so as to benefit the wider
Python community. When you are submitting a proposal, you
automatically give the Indian Python Software Society, the organizers
of PyCon India, the permissions to record/edit and release the
audio/video of your presentation.No exceptions will be made in this
regard. If you do not want a recording of your presentation to be
made, don't submit a proposal. The released media will be licensed
under the Creative Commons Attribution License, version 3.0.

Topics for PyCon India
We encourage high quality proposals in all the areas involving Python
: the language, its implementation, uses, and the community behind it.
Each proposal will be judged according to its correctness, clarity,
and elegance. We invite everyone interested in Python to participate.

   - Core Python — Language features, Python implementations,
Python 3.X, Standard Library
   - Embedded/Real-time Python — Embedded Python, Device
Interfacing, Robotics
   - Infrastructure — Deployments, System Configuration, Monitoring
   - Scientific Computing — Scientific/Numeric Libraries,
Cryptography, Data Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics,
   - Software Development Tools — GUI programming, Testing tools
   - Web Development — Web Frameworks, Concurrency, Databases,
NoSQL, Cloud Computing, Restful Interfaces
   - Others — Everything else that does not fit into the above sections

Talk Format
The typical length of a talk should be no more than 45 minutes. The
presentation style should be concise, to the point with sufficient
examples to clarify the discussion to the audience, if needed. After
every talk there will be time reserved for questions from the audience
(10 minutes). We will be providing a buffer of 5-10 minutes between
talks so that the presenters get sufficient time to set-up their talk
and attendees can move between the halls.

Twitter Hashtag

Tutorial Format
The typical length of the tutorial should be no more than 3 hours. All
the classes run in PyCon India are volunteered. If you like to propose
a tutorial, The submission of the tutorials also follow the same time
lines as the talks.

Proposal submission
Talk and tutorial proposals should be submitted to

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New pleasures are possible with html5; vibration API is coming.

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Book your tickets: the Mercurial 2.3 sprint will take place on May 11th to 13th in Copenhagen, Denmark! Thanks goes to +Unity for hosting the sprint.

Sign up on the wiki page below. It will be three days of discussing, coding, planning, and fun! Reshare this post to spread the word — see you there!
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