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What love do you know? By Keturah L.
An interesting conversation I had a couple weekends ago resulted in this conclusion about objects and what they mean to us: "It is impossible for something to love you, but you CAN love something." Now, isn't that a thought worth pondering over? But I think...

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So, there's actually not a lot out there that's really relevant to me about sorting an existing paper mess. There's a lot out there about incoming mail sorting and such. But the daunting task of going through quite possibly 20 years of papers? And another t...

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Dear, by Rachel V.
Dear <br> By Rachel V. <br> I love to watch your face at night, <br> To know that you will face the light, <br> With me by your side dear. <br> I love to hear your voice while I, <br> Count the stars, and silently sigh, <br> But tell myself that all will be...

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In my&nbsp;<a
Am I Safe in My Sin?,</a>&nbsp;I talked about whether or not we as
individual Christians ought to sin or not. But that then brings up the question "What is
sin?" ...

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Believing in miracles, by Emily M.
Sometimes we walk around professing and confessing that God loves us.
The sad truth is that even we sometimes doubt it can be true. It can
perhaps be attributed to the things that life throws at us. The hurts,
the pains and even the things we get so easi...

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Hand In Hand We Will Get Through by Michelle R.
Hand In Hand We Will Get Through Sometimes when you are feeling down You feel like no one to help you is around Just know that we all understand And as the body of Christ, We will get through it, hand in hand And God knows too And He will help you get throu...

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The Fig Tree by Perelade
The fig tree. Hey people, my name is Pere. I'm a
Nigerian. I'm very glad to be doing this. I've always wanted to be a
part of something big. Something good. And so when my sister told me
about this, there was no way I could pass this up. I'm happy to be ...

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Tried in the Fire, Rachel V.
Tried In The Fire By Rachel V. “...But he knoweth the way that I take: when he
hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10) One time, my family went to a historic remake of
an old town. It was really neat! There were ladies dressed up in pettycoa...

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Glowing With Beauty by Michelle R.
It is so wonderful And so beautiful When the body of Christ Comes together Works together And helps each other It makes my heart so full And makes the world Not seem so dark and dull For we are adding light As we help each other in the night Like a lantern ...

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An Under-Addressed Topic: Grief by Hillary Beth
Recently a woman shared that she had gone to a popular bookstore
chain in search of resources on grief geared toward children. Surprisingly,
there was very little available, but the recommendation given was to go to the local
Family Christian store, which d...
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