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Women Solve Problems Differently & Purchase Differently

We argue differently than men. We solve issues different than men. We make decisions different than men. It goes to reason we also make purchases different than men. As a woman, I look at this a common sense, but now there is a bit of scientific proof.

From the She-conomy article by +Stephanie Holland:

Women have larger areas of their frontal lobe, responsible for problem-solving  and decision-making. They are indeed  planning ahead, visualizing multiple solutions and using that female brain processing to put more time and effort into a decision or problem solving process. (aka, taking a long time).

We also see that the limbic cortex, responsible for regulating emotion, is larger in women. Women have more connections to the emotional centers of their brain. They tap into that emotional center when making decisions (aka, leading with their emotions).

I think this not only helps marketers take a different approach to selling to women, it explains a lot within husband/wife marriages on why it is a difficult process to make certain household purchases (like the home itself or possibly a car). Knowing this, why on Earth would a marketer choose to communicate generically across the board?

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"Knowing this, why on Earth would a marketeer choose to" ... Make female versions of products pink?
You'd think with a bigger frontal lobe women would make decisions an easy job. Also the same logic applies to the limbic cortex. Women should be able to deal with emotions a lot more efficiently with all that extra processing power!

The info graphic also suggests that women are better at being compliant consumers and that men simply don't give a toss about buying peer pressured brand products.

Really tired of reading articles that perpetuate how divided we are (admittedly this started through male dominated nuture over the millenia) through crap science and ego based assumptions of gender-worth, it would be refreshing to see positive articles on empowering and restoring our yin-yang.

I guess there's no market for enlightenment.
The reason for this is really very simple:  boys and girls are trained to behave differently from day one.  A girl cries, she's spoken to in softer tones; a boy cries, he's told to "stop being a girl".  I'll start listening to these articles when we start treating our children with the equality we want them to enjoy in life.
I love this. Women should not be underestimated. Look at Pinterest and see influence. Women dominate there.
Give um Hell Girls. We do dominate in so many areas!
So true. Women 'know' their stuff and put a lot of time and effort into where she's spending her cash.
Wot kind of women r we talking abt? Women of world, in general? I see, the one working in a clothing factory in Bengladesh? I see the one from an aborigene com'ty in Australia? Philippino maid ? May be the one working @ Harrods (London) as... Know wot I mean? Let be honnest, must be women from an exclusive communauty. Who reflects, depicts your brand of women? Please, help, clarifications, if only...
Well research and good article. Thank you for sharing!
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