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Jason Macchioni
Portrait, Wedding and Timelapse Photographer
Portrait, Wedding and Timelapse Photographer

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New photo shoot over the weekend! 
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I would love to set up a Photo walk/Photo meeting for my local area! If you live near Harrisburg, Pa lets meet up! 

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This image is had just a great perspective, defiantly something we don’t see everyday! I really love this kind of photography; Tom Ryaboi is someone who really takes it to a whole new level. His images and time-lapse really inspire me and I think they would inspire you too!

This image is of supposedly Tom hang precariously on the roof of an extremely tall building in downtown financial district of Toronto, Canada. When you first look at the photo it takes you a second to orient your self to it. At first I was like wow I’m dizzy! I have never had any problems with height but this images puts you on the edge, gives a little fear? I like is all the same! This one image has been view thousands of times on site such as 500px and Flickr. Tom was featured on NatGeo and the BBC his work is selling fast and his career is really taking off.

You can read more about how this images was captured on his blog on 500px

All the best to you Tom; Keep the images coming!

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From my trip to Maine, There is something about Black and whites that really make me want to get out and shoot! 

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Today I heard on a local radio show that a very nice young woman could not find a photographer in Marietta, Pa, which I would normally find easy. Since there is so many photographers in the area! She then continues to say that they (photographers) keep hanging up on her and they won't shoot her special day, After a few more minutes she explains that she is marrying another young woman who's in the military. Now I have been a very long time supporter of gay rights and gay marriage and I find that some of my colleagues being professional artists cannot support equal rights and something as simple as love. Be it man to man or women to women. I am highly offended by to hear such horrible things coming from my fellows in this passion/profession.
That is why I am offering my talents and experience to local and distant couples, who are having a hard time finding a photographer with a sense of what passion and love is and that it knows no bounds. I'm even taking 20% off my wedding package to gay and lesbian couples!
Don't worry straight couples if your show your support for gay rights, by signing the Human Rights Campaign Petition for equal marriage and or donating 50$ to the ERC. You will receive 15% off!

*In order to receive this discount you must give proof of donation or a thank you email for signing.
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