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Kat Askari
It's fun thirty o'clock.
It's fun thirty o'clock.

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The world lost an amazing person this week. Meesh was such a wonderful human and my heart hurts knowing I'll never see her smile again. Please donate if you can. Please also hug your chosen humans extra tight and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. 

If anyone needs to talk please reach out. If you're feeling overwhelmed or like you're losing hope, please ask for help. I'm so tired of losing people I care about. This is preventable and I am seriously here if you need help. 

Just finished up at the GI specialist. They will be doing a procedure in a week or so. I'll keep everyone on the loop.

Just to keep everyone in the loop. I spent a large chunk of Friday in the E.R. I've been dealing with some GI issues and eventually the pain and lack of food forced me to go to the hospital. I am on meds for colitis and I have an appointment to see a GI specialist on Tuesday. The doctor in the ER mentioned Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis repeatedly due to my symptoms and test results. My GP also wants the specialist to make sure my Pancreas is okay.
DDD, RA, Osteoarthritis, Alopecia and Fibro are all not fun things to deal with and I really don't want to add to the list.
I also have a question for those of you that deal with chronic pain. How do you deal with your friends/family not understanding that your body has limitations that aren't typical? I've been having a hard time explaining that although I would like to be more social and active it's just not in the cards sometimes. 

I know it's super late notice but I have two free tickets to see Tegan and Sara tonight up for grabs if anyone is interested. 

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Yesterday before the vomiting I dyed my hair red. 

What an inconvenient time to get poisoned by food. 

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A few of my incredibly talented friends came over and helped make Katoween decorations. It was a fun time. #katoween #diyHalloween 
Katoween 2016
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It turns out that I have a bone spur and herniated disc in my neck. F feeling 80 when you're 35! 
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