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Mahal Khattak

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Looking at the world though their perspectives made me realize how thankless and selfish we have become, we the so called 'Educated People'. Just a month of internship at an orphanage opened my eyes to the reality we have been denying for no reason.    Ther...
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If I close my door, please don't stop knocking.
There are moments in life where you end up on crossroads, the most dreadful turning points of our lives. The point, where every judgment and decision you've ever made, all looks like nothing but a huge mistake. And the worse thing about those times are, tha...
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All Those Little Things That Matter
The thing with us is, that we are so focused on each small
detail, that we somehow always miss the bigger things. And it’s not even as if
all those little things are positive, they are negative. What I don’t understand
is, that why do we bury them inside us...
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