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really. it's like across the board. every fucking company in germany does this lunatic shit. like these are big companies. this isn't like some back alley shady business. these are center market accredited companies. and like some fucking psychotic lunatic, they just fucking rip you off and (try to) fuck you in the ass, like it's their second nature. this fucking cell provider. +mobilcom-debitel. they offer a rate of € 19 euros for 2 years, and then € 24 after that. i sign up for it, and they start charging me € 29. because they 'know' you are some stupid fuck who doesn't know contract laws, and will not know how to remove yourself from a contract unless you hire an attorney or go to one of these fee based consumer rights organizations. like without fail, every fucking company in germany does this schizo, psychotic shit, like proving their huge skills of manipulating and bending 'german contract laws' for their own gain. #kaufleute. it's crazy. they offer a rate of € 19 for 2 years, flat rate calls, flat rate sms, and a 2 GB data limit. so i sign up and they start charging me € 29 for fee based SMS, 14 cents per SMS, flat phone calls and 2 GB. so they think you are just too stupid, and you can't do anything about it, so you are stuck with paying whatever they want to charge you. it's like this with every fucking company in germany. fucking assholes. total fucking dicks. it is so fucking typical for germans. total dicks and total assholes. backstabbing fucking assholes. every company. without fucking fail.
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true. they say the companies crawl up customers ::: in the US, and that should not be 'everyone's standard', which is only partly true. there's not as much direct robbing the poor and pressing their face to the dirt the way there is in germany, probably europe. in my opinion it is beyond borderline psycho. ...untreated. no one puts companies like this in check, because 'it's only a small amount of money'.. i can bet if i walked into a store and stole something worth a couple of cents, not even one euro, i would be booked and charged like a child molester, and beaten to a bloody pulp in the process. it's pretty fkn crazy. double standard does not state it accurately.
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and sorry not sorry, but americans even do the most prominent german food, bratwurst, better than germans..
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Amazon Echo's voice assistant has come to phones.
The Huawei Mate 9 is coming to the US this week for $600. Alexa is coming later.
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got a cell that is new but not computer don't want the mob coming through ? rather keep it who I want / cells today are not protected?= America should respond to a safe cell not a Computer cell
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as one of the only people left in the world without a driver's license, if i had one, i would be all over +DriveNow's bmw e-powered vehicle i3. what a bargain, top quality e-vehicles available for rental prices. pretty awesome.!/yourcars/bmw-i3 
Open a new chapter of urban mobility with the BMW i3. Designed expressly for the pulsating life of today's big cities, the BMW i3 not only features an entirely emission-free powertrain but also offers an unsurpassed dynamic and nearly noiseless driving experience. Find out more.
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so we have been 'living with you' for THOUSANDS OF YEARS, like side by side, as christians, but you remain a 'big ethereal mystery' to me/us, that you would have to introduce some 'get to know a jew' action? so how do you remain a mystery for thousands of years? where have you been hiding this whole time?... ridiculous. especially when seemingly, you fucking know every intimate detail of my fucking life that you can conveniently abuse and destroy as you please. #marketing. picking all your favorite pieces out our brains for your own personal advancement and benefit. huh? das.macht.spasz. oh the innocence; ever so clever. let's hug and be friends... YIKES. no fucking thank you.
An attention-grabbing German education project aims to promote cultural understanding and dialogue by offering face-to-face encounters with Jews.
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helping yourselves generously from the 'reserved select pickings' from 'our' 'sick brains'. to make the world a better place 'by us, without us'. how reasonable you are.
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People undergoing emotional stress are in fact more likely to develop heart disease.
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melitta tastes slightly better in america. i don't know why..
See this Instagram photo by @melittausa • 11 likes
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you all are married now and hope you have a great life and happy Ross and the page 
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android games for everyone! xD let's play! #android #games #phones #apps 
So many good games. So little grinding!
Yes, you have to pay up front for most games without in-app purchases, but then you have the satisfaction of actually *playing* the game instead of being bothered with offers every two minutes. Here are the best Android games without those pesky IAPs!
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simple math 101. ich hab punkte, und du gehst auf dem strich. add that up. 
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please. everyone donate to wikipedia so that huge stupid notice bar goes away!! x) kidding. even if it's like $5 it helps. i already donated to them before, but chose someone else this year. #donatetowikipedia ! x)
NSA, Wikimedia Foundation argue over the fate of surveillance lawsuit
Backed by ACLU lawyers, the Wikimedia Foundation seeks to continue its constitutional challenge to an NSA surveillance program.
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