Ah, I’ve been shared, again!

First of all, my thanks to +Nina Pelletier  for promoting me to you all.  Of course, you should have her in your circles as well; she is an awesome lady who writes with grace and humor, and challenges writers to do amazing things.

If you want to know what I write about here on the big G+, let me list my favorite topics:
and if you want to be notified about one, several, or all of the following topics, let me know in the comments, and I’ll add you to the proper circle[s]

Current Events (hashtag #currentevents  )
News items with commentary by myself.  Yeah, I’m opinionated.  LoL

Popular Culture ( #popculture  )
Keeping up with music, movies, television, theater, celebrities, etc.

Baseball ( #baseballopinions  )
The sport I like to follow more than any other.  I also have a unique way of ranking the teams.

Photography ( #beautifulphotographs  )
I like to re-share pics from the many amazing photographers that have found a home here on G+.   I will not knowingly reshare photographs that haven't been posted by the photographer who took them !

Old Franklin’s G+ Almanac ( #ofalmanac  )
I occasionally post an almanac, with  calendar and astronomical data, weather forecasts, interesting articles about acience, history, astronomy, agriculture, etc.

My Writings ( #frankswritings  )
I also try my hand at writing various things, for instance:

Micro/Flash Fiction ( #franksfiction  )
This is usually in response to someone’s challenge.  There are several people issuing challenges to writers here on G+, including the aforementioned +Nina Pelletier 

Poetry  ( #frankspoetry  )
This is new for me.  Didn’t realize I had any poetic leanings, until I actually tried.  ;-)

Carpe Dais!  ( #carpedais  )
This is my blog.

I have another topic called Musings ( #musings  ) that involves the posts of others who I agree with, or who I find fascinating.  In other words, they're my muses.

Also, I’m considering a book discussion group.  This would be text/comment based, not hangout based, and would involve public domain books that are free on the Internet.  If you’re interested, let me know.

To repeat, if you want to be notified about one, several, or all of these, let me know in the comments.  (+1’s, while always appreciated, will not get you notified.  Please comment)
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