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Franklin Ross
Monotheist. Writer. Cyberspace traveler.
Monotheist. Writer. Cyberspace traveler.

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Yet another frightening disease that seemingly came out of nowhere.

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CIA releases secret files of 'flying saucer' UFO sightings - including over Britain

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Blink-182 and Game of Thrones: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

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Wondering Who's Got The Sniffles Near You? There's An App For That

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I am hearing about the possibility of a sequel to the movie "Maleficent." While the original was a very good movie, I'm not certain how good a sequel would be. And I agree with writer of the article; it wouldn't be as good without Angelina Jolie.

I'm watching Celebrity Jeopardy. When did Penn Gillette lose so much weight? Is he sick, or did he just decide to get healthy? #popculture #PennGillette

It’s Pentecost Sunday! Happy Birthday to the Church, in all its denominations!



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This Is Amazing! Hoping It Leads To True Ecumenism

1700 years after the first one, the Church both East and West may hold a Council in Nicea.

Even though the Church had its first major split several hundred years later (the split which created the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church), the Council of Nicea in 325 was a true milestone in Church history. It pretty much consolidated the Christian faith for all time. The fact that both major branches of the Church are even considering  going back is huge!

The Creed that came out of that historic Council ... The Nicene Creed ... is still the best explanation of Christian belief in existence. Both East and West (yes, including a lot of Protestants) use it in worship and teaching. I applaud Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew for agreeing to this. I fervently hope it comes to fruition.

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Come on over!  :-)
TWITTER is down again

Time to reshare and welcome the world to G+

Spoiler Alert:
A Funny Moment In Tonight's Olympic Closing Ceremony

Who says the Russians don't have a sense of humor about themselves?

In a satire of the opening ceremonies, hundreds of dancers form a giant representation of the Olympic Rings, and one of the rings doesn't form correctly!

This was reported by the BBC.

#currentevents   #popculture   #SochiOlympics   #closingceremony   #humor  

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