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It’s Pentecost Sunday! Happy Birthday to the Church, in all its denominations!


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I'm on fire to correct grammar this morning.
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Come on over!  :-)
TWITTER is down again

Time to reshare and welcome the world to G+
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She's Probably Dancing With Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Right About Now!

Let's face it, the kid had talent and class ... throughout her life. She was cute, sure, but her performances were delightful. Her services to her country in later life are a benchmark for other diplomats. She will be missed.

RIP, Shirley Temple

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One of the greats!
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Despite his statement, Representative Michael Grimm doesn't "get" the concepts of professionalism and respect.

In a statement after he threatened to break a reporter in half like a boy, and allegedly threatened to throw him off the balcony, NY Rep. Grimm said that he expects to be treated with professionalism and respect. He also said that he didn't have time for the reporter's questions, yet he had time to twice return to the reporter and complain about the reporter's questions while physically threatening that reporter. 

I sincerely hope that the House of Representatives takes some action against him.  Even if it's only a slap on the wrist, they have to go on record against what this (so-called) man did.

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He's made a more appropriate apology now, but he should still be censured.
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There Were TWO Shootings Today In Nevada!

You've probably heard about the Middle School Shooting, but here's another one that happened today in the state of Nevada, this one in Las Vegas.

#currentevents   #breakingnews   #Nevadashooting  

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Breaking News:  Floods In Boulder Colorado

The news stories are full of phrases like "wall of water," and reports of benign creeks becoming raging torrents.

Some students have been evacuated from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

This sounds pretty bad.

#currentevents   #breakingnews  

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This Is Amazing! Hoping It Leads To True Ecumenism

1700 years after the first one, the Church both East and West may hold a Council in Nicea.

Even though the Church had its first major split several hundred years later (the split which created the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church), the Council of Nicea in 325 was a true milestone in Church history. It pretty much consolidated the Christian faith for all time. The fact that both major branches of the Church are even considering  going back is huge!

The Creed that came out of that historic Council ... The Nicene Creed ... is still the best explanation of Christian belief in existence. Both East and West (yes, including a lot of Protestants) use it in worship and teaching. I applaud Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew for agreeing to this. I fervently hope it comes to fruition.

#currentevents   #religioninlife   #Catholicchurch   #theoneholycatholicandapostolicchurch   #Easternorthodox  

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In 2025, Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians could go back to the place where early followers of Jesus tried to create a consensus among all of Christendom.
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In choir, we used to sing it. I still remember that tune, as well. Used to enjoy singing it, BTW.
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Spoiler Alert:
A Funny Moment In Tonight's Olympic Closing Ceremony

Who says the Russians don't have a sense of humor about themselves?

In a satire of the opening ceremonies, hundreds of dancers form a giant representation of the Olympic Rings, and one of the rings doesn't form correctly!

This was reported by the BBC.

#currentevents   #popculture   #SochiOlympics   #closingceremony   #humor  

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Breaking News: Ukrainian President Apparently Gone!

The BBC is also reporting that the Presidential palace is empty and there is no police or guard presence nearby.

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Good News For Cell Phone And Other Mobile Device Users

It's about time!

One of the most frustrating aspects of the personal computing movement over the last twenty years, at least for me, has been the fact that there is no standardized cord for charging your devices. The news in this article sounds promising.

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#electronicomm   #cellphones   #mobilecomputing

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The New York Times is reporting that singer Pete Seeger has died at age 94
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The Season's Newest Epic Action Movie?

This is hilarious!

Tip o' the hat to +Stephanie Van Pelt 

#humor   #popculture  

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In case you haven't seen this yet... this is what YouTube is for. A chance to see trailers for the new, heart-pounding action movie - Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Wait, what?

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classic film only bettered in my opinion, (and it is just mine) ,by Life of Brian
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