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Foam on the Range
We're closed as of the end of 2016. Thanks for everything!
We're closed as of the end of 2016. Thanks for everything!


EDIT: All done, and we've wrapped it all up now. Thanks for everything!

We're closed for now, but watch for a few last grab-bags to go up later this week, which will be available until the end of the year or until supplies run out, whichever comes first.

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We're in the final days of Foam on the Range now, and this will be the last coupon code of the series. With code THEFINALPHASE, you can get 70% off any order over $40. Orders placed by December 19th will ship in time for Christmas, regardless of what estimated shipping times are shown. Whether any further orders will be accepted after the 19th for post-holiday delivery depends on stock left on hand at that point.

So on that note, happy last-minute sudsing!

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New phase of the clearance sale, starting today! Get 50% off your total purchase - with minimum total still only $40! Coupon code PHASEFOUR.

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We're still in the PHASETHREE discount period, but two new late-arriving soaps have just been added, coming directly in at the clearance price. These had been slated for a custom order, but at the last minute it didn't work out. So check out Pumpkin Spice Latte (pictured) and Lavender Earl Grey, just listed in the shop!

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The PHASETHREE coupon code for this period of our going-out-of-business sale is still in effect - but now it goes even further! You can still get 40% off orders over $40, but nearly all prices have been reduced as well, meaning you'll get 40% off from an already-reduced total. Those who've been eyeing the sale but haven't wanted to commit to the minimum purchase amount might want to check out the new prices, too!

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The going-out-of-business sale continues! Things are flying out the door but there are still lots of great deals to be had. Starting now we move into the next phase of the sale - you can now get 40% off orders over $40 with coupon code PHASETHREE !

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Going-out-of-business sale, Phase Two: 25% off total of purchase over $25 with coupon code PHASETWO. Also, a week from today is the deadline for bath bombs and laundry soap, before I pull these make-to-order items from the shop.

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Update on going-out-of-business sale: 15% off purchases over $20 continues this week.

Also, make-to-order items will no longer be offered after the end of October - so if you're wanting laundry soap or bath bombs, or specific fragrances of lotion, liquid soap, or shower gel rather than whatever is left in inventory, you've got two weeks left to snag 'em.

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Going-out-of-business sale, Phase One: 15% off total of purchase over $20 with coupon code PHASEONE.

Well, okay, I guess I can't put this off any longer.

To some of you, this will not entirely come as a surprise, but it sort of did to me: Foam on the Range will be wrapping up operations and shutting down by, the current estimate suggests, the end of the year.

There's no massive tragedy which provoked this state of affairs, it's just a collection of one thing and another leading to the gradual conclusion that it is time to put it to bed. I've been letting things slip through the cracks - mostly shipping orders late, but other things, too. Between other responsibilities, and my continuing anxiety/depression issues, and so forth, I concluded recently that it was time to bring the business to a tidy, intentional close, and stop fretting that I might continue to deteriorate until I'd destroyed the reputation for quality and service that I have worked to build over the last six and a half years.

At the moment, the plan is to maintain mostly-normal Etsy operations through October, including make-to-order and custom listings, so as not to leave anyone without their very most favoritest FotR items without some warning. Beginning in early November, you can expect the available selection to begin shrinking somewhat, and around that point I will begin to offer discounts and eventual clearance sales to get us to the end of the line.

It is not absolutely impossible that this or another, similar business might rise from the ashes in future, but at this point there are no specific plans to that effect.

Thank you all so very much for six awesome years. It's been wonderful growing with and into this business as time has gone by, and I have learned an unbelievable amount.
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