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Reuniting the ones you love anywhere in the world
Reuniting the ones you love anywhere in the world

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Last weekend thousands of people stood patiently in line for a chance to sip “cat’achino” cappuccinos and visit with specially selected felines at North America’s first Cat Café. New Yorkers were smitten with the country's only pop-up coffee shop in Manhattan's East Village where 16 adoptable cats were casually mingling with their feline fans. The Cat Café concept began in Asia and has since gained popularity in Europe, too. Last weekend's Cat Café was the first such spot on this continent, although other American cities on the West Coast as well as Canadian locations are "cat-sidering" their own cafés. 
The coffee shop, designed to promote cat health awareness and to organize adoptions, was sponsored by Purina ONE and the North Shore Animal League, a no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization based in Long Island. Despite lengthy waits stretching from 2-5 hours, the kitty-curious visitors seemed to thoroughly enjoy mixing their coffee break with an opportunity to meet the feline stars, many of which were adopted through this event. The sponsors staged a "Cat Chat" speaker series that featured a cat behaviorist, veterinarian 
and other cat experts to answer questions. 
With no entry fee, a capacity of just 45 guests at one time and a single weekend to savor the experience, the Cat Café easily became a local sensation, with throngs of excited guests queuing up on New York's Bowery. What could be better than a rousing cup of Joe and the constant purring of fabulous felines? We're sure this is just the beginning of many Cat Cafés to follow and this is definitely one trend we'd like to see cat-ch on.

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I love London! Wonder how long it will take me to acquire an English accent?!! Westminister Abbey please!

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HELPFUL TRAVEL GUIDE Each year the American Automobile Association (AAA) updates its pet travel book with the latest edition now available in print and digital versions. If you're planning your family getaway this summer, hit the trails with this useful guide in hand and your furry friends in tow.  The AAA Pet Book lists 14,000 pet-friendly AAA approved and diamond rated hotels, campgrounds and attractions, as well as emergency clinics and dog parks.  The digital edition sells for $9.99 and can be purchased at iTunes store,, and
AAA also suggests visiting the websites of the following organizations that offer travel materials and tips for getting on the road with your four-footed companions:

American Animal Hospital Association

American Veterinary Medical Association

USDA-APHIS-Animal Care

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

Pet Sitters International

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"I normally don't rate the highest score possible, but with you guys, 
you are the exception. My experience with WorldCare Pet Transport was absolutely phenomenal.

Moving is stressful, and it was one less thing to worry about knowing 
that when it was time to move Miyagi that he was in capable hands. In 
fact, having the regular updates and the adorable postcard were both 
heartwarming and a relief. I also appreciated very much the extra care 
that he received during a brief delay from the airline and longer 
customs clearance.

Keep up the good work and I would highly recommend your company to anyone needed to move their pets internationally!"
L.F-J.  Helsinki, Finland to Illinois, USA

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As one of our WorldCare's services, we offer a Pet Accompaniment Program for those special circumstances when it might be better if a relocating pet travels with a human. Our Latin American Manager, Leslie, filed this report soon after accompanying the sweet Labradoodle, Cody to his new home in Mexico.  
This past October I had the opportunity to bring a dog into Mexico. In working on the itinerary for a New York to Mexico move for Cody, I encountered some difficulty in booking a series #700 travel carrier (extra giant kennel) as “manifest cargo."  After much effort, I determined an alternative plan was needed, and that the best option was to personally take Cody to Mexico as “excess baggage."
 I took Cody to the airport, checked him in and boarded the plane. Cody was still in the pet section of the plane, but he was considered “accompanied,” so upon arrival, I was the one directly clearing Cody. 
Mexican clearance for "Pet Transports"  is typically one of the most time consuming processes in all of Latin America, generally taking a minimum of 5-6 hours for the pets to clear customs, as pets and documents must go through a series of security check points. I was therefore expecting a long process, but with Cody traveling as "excess baggage" the release was fairly quick and smooth. Once off the plane, I 
met Cody where the luggage is returned to travelers and brought him to the SAGARPA office to submit the International Health Certificate. The office took the IHC, along with Cody’s blanket and food. His blanket and food were incinerated and the IHC was kept by the authorities. I was then given a Mexican permit, Cody was placed through an X-Ray machine, and out the door we went - in far less time than I had expected.
In this situation, with no airlines accepting the #700 kennel, WorldCare was able to accommodate a client's needs and keep Cody from experiencing significant stress when traveling.  While most pets fly so very well as manifest cargo, we at WorldCare Pet understand that our services must be flexible and the Pet Accompaniment Program is available to assist customers in circumstances just like this one.  
I also enjoyed the opportunity to see the Mexican clearance process first hand and in a thorough way, as my trip included a behind-the-scenes look at the state-of-the-art facility. 
Always discuss your pet's special needs with your pet relocation counselor as we have the research and resources to consider all the options for your pet's travel.  If you are traveling to Mexico with your pet, it's useful to speak to the Mexican consulate or embassy, especially if two or more pets are traveling. And as is so often the case, it definitely helps to bring a pleasant disposition to your exchanges and recognize the helpful people around you, such as acknowledging baggage handlers with tips and being patient and considerate through what can be a complicated process.

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Our Pet Relocation Counselors assist pets throughout their journeys, facing special challenges in the severe cold and stormy conditions of wintertime. Our Pet Relocation Counselor, Laura, recounts her recent experiences this season and offers advice to families who need to move pets at this time of year.  
At WorldCare Pet Transport, our number one priority is the safety and welfare of every pet we move.  We believe strongly in educating families about how to keep your pets comfortable and safe in the heat.  But what about the winter months, when temperatures seem to dip to new lows and adverse weather can arise unexpectedly?  
If your pet will be moving to, from, or transiting through the northern United States, you and your Pet Relocation Counselor should keep a close eye on the snow forecasts and temperatures.  We partner with airlines which offer superior pet handling, so in the interest of the pets they move, the airlines will sometimes make the last-minute decision to place a temporary embargo on moving pets when the weather is extremely cold or windy, or in hazards such as heavy snow or freezing rain.  This helps protect your pet by rescheduling for a travel day when they won’t be exposed to these conditions during the short time it takes to be loaded onto their flight.  As soon as it is safe to do so, once the “cold snap” or snowstorm is over, the airlines then lift these 
temporary embargoes and pets can move safely once again.  
If the flights are operating but you are concerned about snow or the cold, please don’t hesitate to bring any concerns you may have to the attention your Pet Relocation Counselor.  You or your PRC may decide it’s in your pet’s best interests to reschedule their travel.  
In some countries and climates such as Canada, the winters are a bit harsher than in the United States.  As a result, the airlines have learned to adapt in order to enable their customers to safely move pets even in the cold weather.  Canadian airlines West Jet and Air Canada keep live animal embargoes in place from December through mid-January, but they also have the safeguards in place at their local airports to bring pets off of their flights and safely to a temperature-controlled environment very quickly, minimizing the risk.  These airlines will typically only suspend the move of pets or live animals if the temperatures represent extreme, bitter cold or blizzard conditions.  
In the winter of 2014, we successfully moved a Golden Retriever and two cats out of Halifax, Canada and into North Dakota.  As the owners were moving during the December/January embargoes, the Golden, “Gracie,” was able to stay with her grandparents and, due to allergies, we boarded the cats for about a week and a half before the embargoes lifted and they were able to travel.  The pets flew together on a Monday from Halifax to Toronto, and Toronto to Winnipeg.  In Winnipeg, we boarded them for a night and then ground transported them 5 hours down to their new home in Minot, ND.  
None of the American airline carriers were offering flights which were large enough to carry all of the pets into the surrounding U.S. airports, so this routing made the most sense.  We were also lucky that no winter storms caused a change of dates!

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Moving dogs and cats internationally can be complex, but our counselors proudly possess the skill and experience to safely move your furry best friend anywhere in the world.  But what if your furry friend is a little taller… say a few hands high… can WorldCare handle the international move of your horse? 
A few months ago  we handled the move of two Chihuahuas, a Border Collie mix, and two cats for one of our corporate executive customers relocating from Austria to the US.  After choosing WorldCare previously for that part of his corporate move, our customer elected to use our services again, this time to transport his pinto gelding.  Our US office, in conjunction with our partners in Europe, all with extensive experience moving horses,  handled the complicated travel logistics to ensure a safe and smooth move for Tuxedo.  First, we got the proper permits and health certificate for a ground transport from Austria to Belgium.  In Belgium Tuxedo stayed in local stables while our partner completed his export preparations, including certain blood tests.  He was then booked on a direct flight from Amsterdam into Los Angeles, where Tuxedo completed the mandatory three days of quarantine for horses coming into the US.  On the morning of his quarantine release, Tuxedo began his ground transport north to Washington state.  To ensure his health and welfare, our team stopped along the way to give Tuxedo a break and stabled him overnight so he could rest. 
Upon arrival into Washington, our customer was ready and waiting at the stables to greet his good friend after a separation of about three months.  We were so pleased to hear from him that his horse was healthy, unfazed by the travel, and doing very well.  We just loved hearing him tell us,  “Compared to Tuxedo's trip to Europe in 2008 the trip back was [as] easy and pleasant as it can be. Everyone treated him well and he arrived safe and sound 10 days after departing Austria. Thanks a lot for taking great care of our horse.”
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WorldCare Pet is honored to receive the 2013 "Respectful Award" from Brookfield Global Relocation Services for outstanding performance and for consistently demonstrating Brookfield's core values.

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