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Kelly Borsheim
Borsheim Arts Studio - Sculpture in Stone & Bronze; murals, paintings and drawings of the figure
Borsheim Arts Studio - Sculpture in Stone & Bronze; murals, paintings and drawings of the figure

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Pescia Italy Church Fresco
Dear Art Lover, An open door leads to art, Pescia, Italy      Sometimes people tell me, “Wow, you are so
courageous to just pick up and move to Italy.” Well, first of all, that is not
exactly what happened, and it took me years to finally find a place to ca...

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Baby Olives Independence Motorcycle
Dear Art Lover,      Tuscany got no rain this spring, never
good for anyone’s spring, is it?   So last
week’s rains and temperature drop were a welcome surprise.   I took the opportunity to photograph not only
the lovely clouds around my home in the hills, ...

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San Giovanni St John Summer Solstice Rituals
Dear Art Lover, I love Nature’s holidays.   And while I am moving slower than usual these
days, I tend to post and share stuff on Facebook.   Here was part of my Italian lesson today: Kelly
Borsheim 5 hrs · la mia vicina mi ha appena detto, se ho capito ben...

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Progress on sculpture and La Pausa
Dear Art Lover,      After two
months in the US without creating anything, I had so many plans to get back
into gear again once home.   I am angry
with myself for not healing my knee and now adding the broken wrist into the
mix.   I find that washing dishes...

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Cast Signing New Sculpture
Dear Art Lover,      Every
cast should be signed or decorated, yes?   Share the love for faster healing and all that jazz!   I was fortunate enough to have two Italian
children that I sometimes get to have fun with [they live in a different
village from me]...

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Bees Passion Flower Broken Wrist
Dear Art Lover,      Have you ever seen so many bees at once on
a flower?   I snapped several shots of
this passion flower near my home, so cool.   Also, tucked in among my landlord’s lemon trees is an aloe vera plant.   I had no idea that aloe makes a flow...

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Painting Again!
Dear Art Lover, Working on the head first - oil painting      Stereotypes are not always accurate, nor
are they always flattering.   I am
currently working on a large composition of a Serbian farmer and his
granddaughter.   I have been to Serbia
twice now t...

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Xscape North Carolina
Dear Art Lover,      Living in a different country puts me out
of touch with my native one sometimes.   But so does my lifestyle.   As
such, I often do not experience much of the activities that people do for fun,
especially here in the US where I am visiti...

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Arch Female Nude Painting
Dear Art Lover,      Half the
fun of returning to one’s former studio and home is revisiting favorite
artworks.   Austin, Texas, is one of the
wonderful cities that offers many opportunities for artists to draw from live
models.   I went through a stage in ...

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Kickstarter Follow-up
Dear Art Lover,      Two years
ago, I held a Kickstarter fundraiser to cast into bronze many of my wax sculptures
that I created when I left my home studio in Texas and began attending an art
school in Florence, Italy.   Years later, I
could not stand the i...
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