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Michelle Ragusa- McBain
Cisco Relationship Mgr, World Traveler, Animal Lover, Social-Media-a-Holic, Fitness/Zumba Instructor, Blogger, Non Profit Volunteer, Girl-Friend, Funny Chick
Cisco Relationship Mgr, World Traveler, Animal Lover, Social-Media-a-Holic, Fitness/Zumba Instructor, Blogger, Non Profit Volunteer, Girl-Friend, Funny Chick

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Reflections on the friends I have made, lost, and may never meet... a nod to technology for keeping us all together, and for all of you and our chance encounters along the way. Especially +Jay McBain- some guy I met at a dinner party...

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Wonderful memories of our time together #WeAreCisco #BFF #LifeWorkIntegration #LifeWorkBalance

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We are just 250 Short of our goal to reach 10,000...yes, you heard that right 10,000 Women and Girls to pursue a career in IT ‪#‎DreamAWIT‬
Please watch and share and help Advancing Women In I.T. reach our goal by ChannelCon! We are seeking to attract and educate a diverse group of women or girls of all ages, returning moms, returning military, Elementary/HS/College girls etc. to pursue a lasting career in IT/Technology/STEM careers and help companies build a culture that... attracts and retains these women!
Please help us in our mission to support and encourage a diverse work force! You can help by sharing this post or any one of the video URL below, or telling even one person about why you love your career. Video shares will be counted, but we ask you tell Cathy J. Alper the count of any other messaging. Thank you for your help and consideration. ‪#‎WomeninTech‬ ‪#‎StandforWIT‬ ‪#‎MakeaDifference‬
Please note you DO NOT have to be in IT to WATCH or SHARE :) You never know the impact you can have on someone. Someone took a chance on me, and introduced me into the world of technology, and absolutely changed my life forever. I became a Certified Sales Engineer and continue to work in technology to this day...In fact, I just celebrated 11 years at that same tech company I love ‪#‎WeAreCisco‬
You can share this post or any of the links below (feel free to mix and match) these in a Blog, on FB, Twitter (word count appropriate) or LinkedIn, we ask you please add our Twitter name and hash tag so we can keep track @CompTIA_AWIT#DreamAWIT Also, you can send an email- or even use the materials and PowerPoint to present to a local community group- a School, a Church, a Girl Scouts Troop- be creative and have fun! Thank you for being an inspiration to so many! TOGETHER, we can make a Difference! :)
There’s a Place for You in IT--
Animated video on why you should Consider IT--
IT is definitely Worth it! (UK video)--
Dream IT’s Message, There’s a place for You in Information Technology--
Dream IT Slide Deck--

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Join me, Michelle McBain TODAY July 20th, 12:00 pm EST/9:00AM PST as I flip the tables and interview our very own ‪#‎SocialMedia‬ Expert Kathryn Rose for our Advancing Women In I.T. and Synnex F2F Webinar -Learn the power of Twitter ‪#‎IsThisSacriliegeonGoogle‬ ;)

Twitter is hands-down one of the best ways to get recognized as a thought leader, track your competitors and connect with clients and others all over the globe. So how do you find people to connect with – and what do you say? You can create your own content or share others!
This is Part 3, of 4 of our Stand Up to Stand Out Social Media Communications Series. All have and will be recorded for those who are unable to attend. Please share and help spread the word.

The theme of this series is to help you become a channel influencer, strengthen your personal brand, and realize the full potential of your network! Register and join us today:

Please share and tell a friend, and be sure to tell us your favorite tips and tricks via Twitter, G+ and FB! ‪#‎DontMissIt‬
with @MichelleRagusa @katkrose

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Inspired by my AMAZING mentor, and friend Janet Schijns I took a shot at making my own Infographic inspired Bio...What do you think? #FutureMaker #Millenial #Women #Bio #OohPrettyColors #SoHardToFitYourLifeinaBox #APictureisWorthA1000Words

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An Open Letter to Matt and Melissa Graves, I am so Deeply Sorry for the Loss of your Son Lane. You may never read this, but your family is not alone during your time of loss - a predator #alligator at the "Happiest Place on Earth" #Disney at a five star seemingly safe #DisneyResort #GrandFloridianResort ripping your son and your dreams from you.

Written with love from a #Mom of a #TwoYearOldToddler who cannot get the despair of the recent tragedies out of her mind and heart... I am so sorry. #DevastatingWeekforOrlando #PrayersforFlorida #SevenSeasLagoon #LaneGraves #PrayersforLaneandYOU

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Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay by reading and sharing these tips in this months #wearecisco blog for Men & #WomenInTech from @MichelleRagusa! #humbled

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Special shout outs to some of my favorite organization encouraging, supporting and promoting #women and #girls to #DreamAWIT #CompTIA Advancing Women In I.T.,, and U-TOUCH! #WhatDoYouWantToBeWhenYouGrowUp

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Michelle Ragusa- McBain commented on a post on Blogger.
Actually in the fitness world we refer to the Holiday Season between October- January as the "Maintain Don't Game" goal - so losing 10 lbs (as your pregnant wife tempts you with late night snacks) is pretty darn INCREDIBLE!  Great work honey!  I am (as always) very proud of you!  Keep up the great work- and get as much sleep as you can now, because in one month Schmoo 2 might have other ideas ;)
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