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Hi all,

Haven't been here in awhile. I am a moderator for this GEG but with a different account. It should be with this account I am posting with. I should be able to update my own email correct?

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Workflow for Staff Shout Outs - Spread Positivity!

Uses: Play in the background / introduction of a staff meeting / PD session...or as an entry / exit with students!

Feedback solicited.
GSuite Tools mashed up: Google Forms, Autocrat, Google Slides

1. Google form to submit 'shout outs' in English, Thai or Chinese
2. Autocrat enabled on response sheet, select SINGLE OUTPUT MODE in step 4 of Autocrat
3. The Google Slides template will populate in one single slideshow as a result of single output mode
4. Manually run merge job after shout out are finished
5. Publish the google slide show to the web to auto each slide every 5 seconds

I ran the merge job more than once because more people wanted to submit, which is great!

Question: Can I merge each spreadsheet row for ONE google slide? I want each form response to get its own google slide.

To clarify, one slides presentation, multiple slides, same tags on each individual slide.

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Workflow Solution - Student Conferencing - Feedback Solicited

Goal: streamline student conference activity, get rid of post it notes, collect all data for teacher, student and parent to reflect and access on an ongoing basis.

Solution: google form (we want to identify more data points instead of free flow entry text) using doc appender add on that connects teacher input from the form to individual student doc in a folder that is easily accessible by the teacher. The response data also goes to a google sheet from which we can utilize to identify patterns going forward.

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Form Trigger email switch.

I am an editor on the response sheet. The creator of the Autocrat job is the Principal, she also owns the form, the sheet and the triggers. When I fill out a test job, the form trigger (and the email received by the teacher) says it comes from HER email address. Strangely, when she fills out the form and the doc is merged, the teacher receives the email with MY email address: has just shared this editable Google Document with you:

That email address should be hers! Head scratcher and would love some feedback if anyone has some.

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Great idea to engage staff in house w relevant conversation.
Our 1st school wide twitter slow chat is today! Join in with the ELC, ES, MS, and HS by responding to any of the 3 question choices and add #ASIJLearns at the end of your tweet. To observe the chat click this link:
Add a comment...

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Do incomplete rows mess with the merge? I've got merged docs created but they aren't getting emailed. The tags are mapped and email addressed are correct. Also, some docs are not making it into the specified folder. I am an editor on the spreadsheet and I am thinking we may need to start over. If so, what is best practice to get the correct merged info into the new response sheet?

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Hi Curriculum Mappers and +Richard Anderson ! I am trying to keep many of the older units and course outlines that we've been using while incorporating requests for NEW templates. Can I do both in this system?

On your curriculum mapping shortcut tutorial it assumes: "You are using Autocrat to distribute unit planner templates and storing them in one folder in a Google Drive." I am using the autocrat way now this but I've been compiling units until this point, manually, the file cabinet below which is listing from that 'one' google drive folder.

The NEW template requests and the old units and course outlines are going into the same folder. The reason we didn't start with autocrat is because we have many units and course outlines that are still ok from which to work.

Is it possible to =importrange (or another strategy) the files below into the autocrat sheet THEN do the shortcut? OR, are the headers going to be too messed up?

Or, am I looking at keeping the table below, running the AT add on (with limited search functionality in the google site) and no template request form?

There's gotta be a way!

I want form submissions (links to google docs) to end up in a folder, autocrat style but I do NOT want a merged doc. Can I do this with autocrat or do I need another script?

1. Form submitted with link to google doc.
2. Link ends up in response sheet to form
3. ? How do I get all of the links to those google docs into the same folder? (automatically?)

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AT gave me this message this am, Tuesday, October 3rd, Thailand time. I am on chrome browser on an edu domain in Bangkok. Here is the link to the google site.

Any problems being reported?
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