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E-commerce for the win!
E-commerce for the win!


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Awesome infographic about how to calculate Customer Lifetime Value, a stat you CANNOT do without when determining the ROI of your (online) marketing efforts. 

LTV > ROAS > CPA. Remember that (looking at YOU paid advertisers lol)

Courtesy of +KISSmetrics 

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An awesome set of SlideShare presentations with advice on anything from networking and running a business to applying for jobs and the history of SEO.

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Hi all, I'm trying to improve my Excel skills but am struggling with a formula right now so I hope someone can help me out. This looks like an awesome Community to work on my Excel skills! :)

Here's the deal: I'm using Excel 2013 and want to create a formula which will evaluate a number in a certain field and scores it on a scale from 1-5 depending on which range the number falls in.

Put simply:

- If 0-500, 1 point is given
- If 501-1000, 2 points given
- If 1001-5000, 3 points given
- If 5001-10000, 4 points given
- If 10000+, 5 points will be given

This formula will save me so much time, because right now I'm scoring every single field manually (and I have thousands upon thousands of fields that need to be scored lol).

Hope someone can enlighten me!

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Are you surrounding yourself with people you look up to? Who are better/smarter/wiser than you are? They'll be the ones who will help you grow as a person and as a professional.

Great post by my friend +Carthage Buckley. Honored that he mentioned me in it! 
Synergy is one of the most important concepts in productivity and personal development. Synergy is generally considered to be two or more people working together to achieve more than they could alone. This is definitely true but there is another example of synergy which is often overlooked. When you surround yourself with experts in your area of interest you can learn from them. They, in turn can learn from you too. #synergy   #bettertogether   #workingtogether   #teamwork   #productivity  
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How to become a pro amongst rookies with social media marketing/social commerce explained in 7 quotes from experts I interviewed for my latest blog post:

1) "The secret to a successful social strategy is this: provide “social utility”. Help people solve their problems socially and solve their social problems." - +Paul Chaney on social success

2) "Ecommerce businesses underestimate the importance of implementing a program to discover, cultivate, recognize and reward their existing customers and fans via social media and/or social ecommerce sites." - +Christine DeGraff on common mistakes

3) "People underestimate how hard it is to earn attention via social media. You need what we at HubSpot refer to as a “plausible pretence” for engaging with someone. You need a large catalog of helpful content pieces, such as blog articles, that helps the social contact perceive your outreach as value-added instead of interruptive." - +Sam Mallikarjunan on growing your business via social

4) "You can achieve a lot more by befriending one influencer, an authority, in your market like a well known blogger, affiliate, author, or even a competitor than by befriending a thousand potential customers. Sad, but true." - my own thoughts on how to compete with social media

5) "F-commerce (Facebook commerce) is getting crowded, and by reducing the organic reach (non-paid visibility) of status updates from Facebook Pages with a fairly recent update, Facebook isn’t making it any easier for small businesses." - +Paul Chaney on f-commerce ROI

6) "Personalization is an up-and-coming strategy in the social ecommerce space. Personalization forces your business to ask big questions such as how do you build a marketing model or sales funnel that becomes more valuable to the customer over time? How do you get the right message to the right person at the right time?" - +Sam Mallikarjunan on social commerce trends

7) "What separates the rookies from the pros with social media for ecommerce is that the pros have learned to take the marketing out of social media. People on social media sites do not want to be marketed to, PERIOD. The pros focus on encouraging participation, starting discussions, answering questions, providing value and on becoming a part of the larger community." - +Christine DeGraff on marketing via social networks

Want to discover more great insights about social commerce/social media? Then make sure you read the full blog post here right away:

#socialcommerce   #socialmediamarketing   #socialselling   #socialmedia   #ecommerce  
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Using social commerce/social media can, just like with any other online marketing channel, sometimes lead to more questions than answers

Questions like...

- What's the true ROI of social media?
- What separates the rookies from the pros?
- I'm not generating any/enough sales! Am I missing something?
- Which trends should I keep an eye on to stay ahead of the pack?

And instead of me pretending to know it all, I thought it best to look at the marketing animal called social ecommerce through several sets of eyes to separate fact from fiction, BS from real life.

So join me, as I attempt to get 4 social commerce insiders to spill the beans in my new blog post:

An Inside Look At Social Ecommerce With 4 Social Superstars


5k+ words just like before, so make sure you check it out!

#socialcommerce   #scommerce   #socialmediamarketing  
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Awesome article by +Brian Dean on Broken Link Building. Check it out if you want to learn something new about SEO for a change :)
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Have you updated your Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google & other relevant passwords yet? Because the Heartbleed bug ain't no joke, unfortunately!

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How to improve your content strategy when you sell products online explained in 17 quotes from my latest blog post:

1) If you think you can get away with selling products online with ZERO personality as a business, think again - Deathtrap #1

2) Be a sniper and take the time to find a good target (audience), aim for the head (topics that audience cares about), then shoot to kill (kick butt with content of the highest quality) - Deathtrap #2

3) The more time goes by, the more the gap between your plans and reality widens. And the wider that gap becomes, the more difficult it’ll be to achieve results for your ecommerce business with your content - Deathtrap #3

4) There’s a BIG difference between changing course and changing ships! To lead your market, you must not follow it - Deathtrap #3

5) Data may surprise you or even hurt your ego, but don’t take it personal. It’s just business. So, regroup and act on it - Deathtrap #4

6) Make enemies, as you can’t be everything to everyone. Embrace it. To make one type of person (i.e. your ideal customer) love you, you must often make another type of person hate you - Deathtrap #5

7) SEO is a means to an end, not an end to reach by any means - Deathtrap #6

8) Popularity doesn’t pay the bills. Money does. That’s why the best content marketing takes into account more than vanity metrics like website traffic, likes, shares, and followers - Deathtrap #7

9) If you want to sell more products online, you shouldn’t be out there trying to gather a BIGGER crowd. You should be out there gathering the RIGHT crowd - Deathtrap #7

10) Funnel tunnel vision: people who suffer from this ecommerce disease have a tendency to think in terms of black and white, traffic and sales - Deathtrap #8

11) Ideally, you’d want to create multiple pieces of content to cover every stage of the buying process for every unique type of product you’re selling - Deathtrap #8

12) A successful ecommerce business is built on the backs of strategy, patience, incremental improvements, and systems and processes - Deathtrap #9

13) What works well for someone else ... won’t necessarily work for YOUR business, even if you’re in the same market - Deathtrap #9

14) What separates the rookies from the pros when it comes to the execution of an ecommerce content strategy is HOW created content is promoted - Deathtrap #10

15) Your content is a reflection of who you are as an ecommerce site, just like your products are, so you absolutely have to make the company look good - Deathtrap #11

16) Dare to take risks and throw best practices out the window every once in a while. Best practices are based on averages, but do you want to be average or be the best? - Deathtrap #11

17) The Gutenberg printing press was invented in 1450, the radio in 1897, TV in 1926, and the mobile pone in 1973. And, yet, more ecommerce sites than I can count have never gotten past 1450 and never produce anything BUT text-based content - Deathtrap #13

>>>> Like what you've just read? Check out the full blog post here:

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