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Don Fitchett

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Don Fitchett originally shared:
Details at Click register button for more details and location.
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Don Fitchett

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New toggle between Spanish and English feature added to the _Oil Exploration and Production Process Training _( )
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Don Fitchett

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Must see, years of best practices and advice on #electrical controls at 
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Just shared it, +Don Fitchett! Joined the group, too. Looking forward to learning from everyone here.  
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Don Fitchett

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Free Fridays: Free online course for those wanting to brush up on PNP/NPN This is the source for your sink.
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Don Fitchett

Discussion  - is not the only one who makes learning fun! Check out this HILARIOUS SAFETY SPEECH Must see and share, hope you like.
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Don Fitchett

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Below is an excerpt from the "_Dust Control Equipment & Methods white paper._" at
one of the many topics covered in maintenance refresher set.
*"Bearings are contained within a housing from which a shaft extends. The shaft entry into the housing offers opportunity for dust
(and moisture) to enter the bearing. The shaft seal performs sealing of the gap between the housing and shaft. Choice of the
appropriate shaft seal and seal configurations to protect against dust ingress is critical."
"Bearing housing seals for dusty environments may be either a labyrinth type or a rubbing seal type. The labyrinth type requires a
straight shaft running true. Rubbing seals are the more common and allow for some flexing of the shaft. The sketches below are
conceptual examples of each type of seal. When setting a lip seal into place to prevent dust ingress insure the sealing lip faces

In situations of high dust contamination there may be a need to redesign the shaft seal arrangement for better dust protection than
provided in standard housings. Some ideas which can reduce dust ingress into bearing housings are to :

i. provide two or more seals in parallel. Bearing housings can usually be purchased with combination seals as standard.
ii. retain the housing shaft seals but change from a greased bearing in the housing to one which is sealed and greased for life. If
contamination were to get past the shaft seals, the bearing’s internal seals would protect it.
iii. stand the bearing off the equipment to create a gap between the end of the equipment and the bearing housing while sealing the
shaft at the equipment.
iv. put in a felt seal wipe between the housing and the wall of the equipment to rub the shaft clean. Install of a mechanical seal in
very harsh environments.
v. install a grease barrier chamber sandwiched between two seals. This barrier is separate to the bearing housing and acts as the
primary seal for the bearing. Grease pumped into the chamber will flush out past the seals.
vi. replace the grease barrier chamber instead with an air pressurised chamber.
vii. shield the bearing housing from dust with use of a specially fabricated rubber shroud encapsulating the housing and wiping the
shaft or fit a rubber screen with a hole wiping the shaft over the opening emitting the dust.
viii. flush the bearing with grease by pumping excess grease into the housing and allowing the grease to be forced past the shaft
seals or through a purposely drilled 15 mm hole in the housing. The hole must be on the opposite side of the bearing to the
grease nipple, at the bottom of the bearing housing when in service and between the bearing and seal.
ix. Mechanical seals can be fitted to the shaft with the stationary seal sitting toward the machine and the rotating seal mounted
back along the shaft. Combinations of other seals and wipers can also be used in conjunction with the mechanical seal. Mount
the auxiliary seals so they see the dust/water first and keep the mechanical seal as the last line of protection.*
more ... see
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Don Fitchett

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Look like July is going to be a good month for New York manufacturing.
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Don Fitchett

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If you haven't seen these PLC training videos yet, you might want to. They are some of our top 6 videos. Thanks in advance to those who share and like. Enjoy your weekend.
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Thanks for re-sharing with others +Luan VAN NIEKERK . thank you both for the +1s
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Don Fitchett

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3 day PLC Training workshop in Atlanta July 21-23, 2015 still has seats open. See
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Thanks for the plus 1s. Feel free to re-share with others.
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Don Fitchett

Wireless takes SCADA security concerns to a whole new level.
Hackers steal data using device concealed in pita bread
Demonstration proves how easy it is to capture radio emissions. Security researchers from Israel have demonstrated just how easy it is to capture the radio emissions given off by personal devices like laptops and tablets, and which include within them data about the keys.
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Never did trust pita bread.
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Don Fitchett

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The Scholastic PLC Education section of PLC training best practices and tips. Book mark this page as it is evolving. As new PLC educational material and recomendations for PLC technician, industrial electrician and instrumentation technician; are developed, they will be added to this page.
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Thanks for re-sharing with others +RaHa VeE 
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Don Fitchett

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Industrial Design Definition: When you hear "Industrial Design Engineer" do you think of ...
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Product Designer
Industrial Machine Designer
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My most recent paper titled "TLC for PLC" published April 2012 in the Industrial Engineering Magazine.

See also my article titled "PLC Maintenance Management" published in Chemical Engineering Nov 2007

I have also been published in Facilities Engineering Journal [March/April 2002] with article "What is the True Downtime Cost". (Also referenced by several publisher like, 

Also Authors Don Fitchett and Mike Sondalini coauthor the extension of the original book -"The True cost of manufacturing downtime - 2nd Edition"
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great bunch of people, hope to visit site for bin95 PLC training some day soon.
Public - 4 months ago
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Their name recognition is growing. Hope they recommend our (bin95) PLC training to all their automation customers, to enhance equipment maintenance support.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Every 3 months for a decade now, we have been recommending our (BIN95 PLC Training) Industrial training seminar attendees stay at this hotel, because they are the best. Just when you think there is no way they can get any better, offer any more, be any nicer... they come up with yet another way to make your stay spectacular.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Been using this company for about 20 years, Rick a honest wood hauler providing great service. (That dh424 guy must have been confuse, Rick stacks his 4x8, so customer know exactly what they are getting. Burning quicker is a good thing, means wood is seasoned [DRY] as advertised. :>)
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
24 reviews
Great bunch of guys/girls.
Public - 4 months ago
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The upkeep of facility and quality of room cleaning and front desk service indicate years of poor management. As a Best Western customer for years, i found this hotel to have an extremely low rating compared to any other Best western I have ever stayed in. Even lower rating than full size Holiday Inns (which are typically more ran down than Holiday Inn expresses.) Obvious facility deterioration/disfunction clearly shows management does not care. Electrical outlet in clear site as you 1st enter room cracked/broken, yet no one ever inspected, and replaced. Cleaning staff not trained to report such discrepancies (poor management). Just like electronic door lock, you have to lift up on door to get to open after keying. I reported to front desk microwave had oversized (wrong) glass rotary tray so that microwave door could not be closed without shoving plate off rollers, and wouldn't rotate for even cooking. Staff appears to give excuses first, then if you complain enough times, do something about complaint. I stayed there a week, they never replaced incorrect microwave part, or even followed up, or asked if problem was resolved. On check out, I let them know again, they never fixed, was met with immediate excuse, "I told maintenance". What they should have been saying or at least thinking, I am sorry, I should have followed up. Normally I would assume, an oversight, no big deal. But when i dropped laundry off at front desk, only to return at end of day and find out my laundry was not there, I was given a bizarre excuse by front desk, instead of 'I will call them right away'. Then when they called. I had to listen to argument back and forth, until I finally told desk clerk, quit with the blame game and just ask how soon can they get them, where are my cloths. Other signs of poor management besides inconsistencies in cleaning from one house keeper to the next over a week's time, was dirt build up in room. I had to stop wearing white socks around the room, because it appeared the carpet has never been shampooed since its installation. My white socks quickly became black. Dirt build up in corners of bathroom, top half of shower wall not cleaned for a long time, with grose splatter on it, TV screen all smeared, mirrors, etc. Under tables, white pellet things or spider eggs near spider webs. Turning TV to an angle revealed some kind of shredded paper or mouse beading under TV, etc. Etc.
• • •
Quality: Poor - FairFacilities: Poor - FairService: Poor - Fair
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I have stayed hear many times over the past years. The owners and staff are very dedicated to making your stay your home away from home. Very, very nice rooms and grounds too. Especially now they totally remodeled everything. New carpet, paint, pictures, furniture and more. Great people and great place to stay.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago