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I am excited to see all the events being registered for the World Climate Week! Do join us by organizing one in your area, workplace, with family, at your community hall, classroom, even on that ride to town or camping with strangers and friends alike! Let me know if and when you do by registering here:

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Options for Promoting Youth Engagement and Employment in Climate-Smart Agriculture (Part One)
The global food demands will double by 2050 as the population increases. Concurrently, climate science suggests that our agricultural production methods need to adjust to less predictable rainfall, warmer temperatures and more frequent extreme weather event...

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Can youth find purpose in a world of uncertainty and crises?
For those who research and develop strategies for youth development, it
is a good thing that ‘youth’ has progressed into a global agenda. But our work
does not stop there, we need to do more to ensure that this idolizing is
actualized in creating meaningful...

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Listen to co-director Drew Jones talking about why it is important to #keepitintheground  and #worldclimate  simulations

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Inspiring a new generation of climate leaders #worldclimate   #climateaction  

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Why we need to investigate young farmers as new actors in the Food-Water-Environment Nexus
Young farmers setting up for flood irrigation on their tomato farm. Photo: Grace Mwaura As
an environmentalist carrying out research in the agricultural development and
youth livelihoods, one of the things that struck me most was the lack of
awareness among...

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Three Big Questions Before Engaging Youth in Agriculture Transformation Agenda
the AGRF2016 IDRC sponsored event, Dr.
Wanjiru Kamau Rutenberg set the scene for the discussion on deeper
questions to ask if we are to meaningfully engage African
youth in agriculture . In this article, I elaborate some of hers and other presenters’

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Leveraging STI to Transform Informal Sector Youth Opportunities
First published on Rhodes Scholars Blog .  Because innovations can be as easy as this hand-washing technology for schools in Kenya. Credit: Healthy Learning Programme A Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) framework is important in a country where most...
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