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JanzCrystalz January

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Looking Forward for the Challenges and Travels in 2017
The moment I took the new post, I know that life will be different than what it is used to be.  I know that work life will be more demanding, challenging and somewhat stressful. But behind the work load comes the perks of travelling to new and old places, a...

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Animal Skin Rugs - The Effortlessly Stylish Natural Rug
Animal Skin Rugs Are the Epitome of Fashion Interior design can sometimes be quite a tricky concept. Selecting the right home design components isn't always as easy as it seems. If you want to design a home that's attractive, you need to walk a fine line. Y...

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I'm back in online... :-)

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Welcoming 2017 With Positive Attitude
2016 was a very demanding year for me in almost all aspects of my life, especially during the last quarter of the year when a twist of fate, an opportunity came knocking that I have certainly grabbed. Busy it may seem and life changing, but regrets never ca...

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Christmas is Almost Here Once Again
Few days from now, it’s Christmas, the birth of our Lord
Jesus Christ. People around the world will be celebrating this joyous season
every year. That as early as now, school, offices, communities, etc. are planning
for the Christmas Party. Some may want it...

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Keyboard + Stand
I have mentioned before that I purchased a cheap keyboard
for the purpose of, to encourage my kids to play the keys. I have no
inclination to music, though I love to listen to music, and singing along using
my out of tune voice. I am wondering if my kids wi...

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Trip to Divisoria
After the Venetian Moments at Grand Venice
Canal, the three of us headed to Divisoria. Aside from getting the stainless
jewelries from my supplier, hubby went for something we can get for our kids,
while Jef also went on his way to find the items he been lo...

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The Venice Grand Canal in Taguig
Landed at NAIA Terminal 3 at 11:45PM from
Cagayan de Oro, the 3 of us went directly to booked dormitory in Quezon City. Still,
thinking we’re to spend our whole day the following day.    The next day, with the trip to the beach
cancelled, the three of us de...
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