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UK hotel web design, online marketng, e and m commerce
UK hotel web design, online marketng, e and m commerce

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Says it all really - Fonab Castle - suerly going to become one of the great Uk and Europe luxury hotels -

Quote from two respected heavyweights, Deloittes and Forbes Insights - Social media risk is like wildfire. Where's the fire engine?

There will soon be no authorities or experts left in the world, just billions of bloggers

A key feature of social media in travel  is that it invents the rules as it goes along in an attempt to be a sustainable marketing channel - -- - and its 'bail out' clause is - its not working for you because you aren't doing it properly. Such no brainers aren't really helpful -

Hotels are being bombarded with reputation management stuff, could be excused for thinking its the only game in town for success, well it isn't, far more important, and a necessary forerunner of effective reputation management - is guest/customer relationship management. A hotel should have an e-CRM solution before it has a reputation management one

it absolutely amazes me how many hotels have eg 50:50 split leisure/business custom, yet their websites are 90% targeted at leisure 10% business - -  this out of synch situation between actual experienced custom, and what the website chases, creates more wild goose chases than successes - - I see websites out there which don't even properly address the business traveller at all on their sites - and i know these hotels are very much in the corporate travel market.

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A must read for all hotels' GSR's and telephone res teams - -

UK provincial hotels experiencing difficult and challenging leisure market right now - lets confine the 'staycation' term to the scrap heap

Blogging has thrown up the latest new speak - a naysayer - loosely defined as one who disagrees with a 'would be' expert, usually an amateur

The unthinkable has happened as Facebook shares fall below $20
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