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Mikael Colville-Andersen
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Cargo Bike Logistics on Harbours and Rivers by Copenhagenize
Urban logistics is just one of the many challenges facing our cities. After Copenhagenize worked for three years on the European Union project Cyclelogistics, we have cargo bikes on the brain and provide cargo bike logistics as one of our services . We also...
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Bike Share by the People, For the People
Saw a lovely thing in my neighbourhood today. Copenhagen's new bike share system. Parked right there under a tree. In contrast to the failed one still operating, this system is free, it doesn't have safety issues with a distracting tablet screen, it doesn't...
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The Best Bike Story This Week
Yesterday I took back ownership of my own Bullitt cargo bike, when The Lulu and I picked it up at Larry vs Harry . You might have heard it was stolen back in March . After a week or so, I resigned myself to never seeing it again. I lived in hope, because an...
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7550 New Bike Parking Spots at Copenhagen Central Station
For all of Copenhagen's badass mainstream bicycle culture, there remains one thing that the City still completely sucks at. Bicycle parking at train stations. At Copenhagen Central Station there are only about 1000 bike parking spots. Danish State Railways ...
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Make Life Shine - Yes, You Volvo
Volvo's new attack on pedestrians and cyclists is insulting to every traffic user. They have developed what they call "Life Paint" and expect pedestrians and cyclists to spray it on. The problem is that Volvo - and other automobile manufacturers - are the p...
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Good article. Just one small point: EU road deaths have come down to 25700/year. Still a Germanwings every couple of days.
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Have him in circles
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Hacking a German "Safety" Campaign with Rationality
Nice with a bit of activism and rationality on a Saturday. Thanks to our reader Jochen, who sent us some photos from the streets of Germany in reaction to a campaign from the German Ministry of Transport, above. Next to a photo of Darth Vader the text reads...
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Lego and Bicycles - Together Forever
When you live in a home with over 20 kg of Lego, using it comes naturally. I noticed five years ago that I didn't have a lot of Lego bicycles. I soon discovered that they are rather hard to come by, despite the fact that Lego is, of course, Danish. In Ameri...
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Felix and the Danish Cyclist Test
My son Felix on the course of today's cyclist test for 6th graders in Denmark, in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Today was a fun day in my son Felix' young life. Together with the other 6th grade students at La Cour Vej School, he took part in the Danish "cykli...
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This is great support for the bicycle as a common means of traffic! Go Felix ;)!
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Choreography of a Copenhagen Corner - Desire Line Analysis
Desire Line Analysis: Choreography of a Copenhagen Corner Cyclist Behaviour at a busy Copenhagen cycle intersection By Marie Lindebo Leth - Anthropologist For the next study in our Desire Line series we have picked a renowned Copenhagen bicycle hotspot: the...
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Car Industry Strikes Back - Volvo Paints a Grim Picture
The latest piece in our ongoing Car Industry Strikes Back series writes itself. This time it's Volvo doing its best to draw your attention to the fact that motorists kill obscene amounts of people - including themselves - by placing the responsibility on cy...
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Urban Mobility, Bicycle Planning & Communication, Photography, Filmmaking,
  • Copenhagenize Consulting
    CEO/Owner, 2009 - present
  • Danmarks Radio
    Journalist, 2004 - 2006
Basic Information
Other names
Coolville, MCA,
Urban bicycle flâneur.
Urban Consulting Expert and CEO of Copenhagenize Consulting, editor of too many bicycle blogs. Living in the City of Cyclists. Photographer, too.
  • National Film School of Denmark
    Screewriting, 1997 - 1999
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